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Sorry, Your Perfect Job Doesn't Exist
By: Tom Roarty
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Have you ever had a conversation with someone and think to yourself, “How did this person find such a great job in today's market”? No, the person might not be rich in the monetary sense, but from a creative perspective, they might be doing everything you want to be doing on a daily basis. Although no one would disagree that money is important, for a creative, it is not what success is based on. Designers thrive on variety, trust, and challenge. However, most jobs over time become monotonous. But they don’t have to.
You see, all too often, designers get what the acting world tends to call “typecast." Meaning that if you are hired as a postcard designer, and that is all management sees you do on a daily basis, then that is all that will be asked of you. If you want the perfect job, you have to make it yourself. How does one do his? By challenging yourself creatively and taking on more responsibilities while allowing senior management to see it.
The fact of the matter is, when you were hired, you were done so to solve an immediate problem. If you solved that problem, chances are that management will be happy and will continue to have you fill that role as long as you continue to be successful at it. Many of today’s employers are not looking past what they need you for, even if you have far more to offer.
If you are hired as a print designer, don’t hold back from showing your digital skills. If you are an editorial writer, try developing social marketing. Never be afraid to volunteer for a task that you love, even if there is another “professional” assigned to it. Just make sure that whatever you take on, it is something that you would want to pursue, because if you do a good job at it once, there is a good chance it will become your responsibility thereafter.
Most importantly, do not stop at the edge of your comfort zone. Continually learn emerging technologies and think of ways to transcend traditional messages across them. There have never been more outlets than now for strong advertising creatives to not only show their worth across a variety of medias but to stay sharp while doing so. Technologies are advancing so quickly that new “experts” are popping up on a daily basis. In this instance of the word, “expert” refers to someone who learned how to develop a successful solution during the infant stages of the latest fad, which isn’t usually all that difficult if you already have a strong campaign to start with.
So stop searching for that perfect position. Chances are you will never find it. Instead, advance your skills by teaching yourself all you can and applying to it all that you already know. This is the only way to make your dream job a reality.


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