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The Leapyear Project #lyproject
By: Andy Weiss
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Happy Leap Day! Since this day comes but once every four years, it creates all kinds of strange quirks. But one 26 year-old named Victor decided to mark the special day and year by taking action to see what he could do change the world around him but in a practical sense and in doing so created The Leapyear Project.
The project began with Victor asking people what they would do if they could take a risk to make something better. Not only were the responses inspiring, but they also ranged from little things to better their families or their vocations to larger causes and group-related endeavors. Victor began to wonder if there was a why to invite and inspire people to take these very risks, actually do something, and then share their stories with others. The side project has since turned into The Leapyear Project — a conduit for inspiring and collecting these stories of change.
How does it work? And more importantly, how can you start your own leap today? Knowing there are barriers to taking any leap or enacting any change, large or small, Victor designed a pretty straightforward, social media-focused approach. Simply head to the Leapyear Project site and choose your leap. Do your project. Then share your story on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram using the tag #lyproject. By registering your leap with your social media handles, The Leapyear Project is able to catalog your activities and tie them back to your individual leap.
Struggling for leap ideas? The site captures what others around the globe are doing and includes other creative suggestions. While the individual ask to leap is small, Victor himself has taken on a larger yearlong leap. He quit his job and is filling the year with his own month-long adventures designed to change the community and the world. At the end of 2012, the plans to curate all the Leapyear Project stories into a book and art exhibition.
Just a little something different and inspiring for this Leap Day. 

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Andy Weiss is a digital direct marketer, consumer evangelist, change agent, and cultural anthropologist.
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