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Are These 'Future Hipsters' of Social Media Spot On?
By: Christine Geraci
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Last week was "Social Media Week," and we wanted to share with you a hilarious — yet thought-provoking — video produced just for the occasion.
In this video, a bunch of aging "hipsters" take an amusing look back on "the good old days of social media," reminiscing about a time when people over-shared and no one knew what the heck a community manager was. 
The anecdotes may have been fake, but they were pretty priceless. And they got us thinking about the current state of social media. What's going to be different 50 years from now? Well, assuming the following issues and topics are even still around in 50 years, here's what we're wondering about:
Useless Apps
One of the hipsters laughs about how he once made an app that did "absolutely nothing." Thing is, there's a lot of that going around these days. Even worse, these apps communicate very clear uses — but don't follow through. They just crash. And that's pretty much the same as serving no purpose whatsoever.  Do you think there will come a day when we all look back and laugh at how inept we were when it came to app creation?
Community Management
How many people who work in social media can relate to this: You tell someone what you do, and they look at you like you have five heads. Worse, they equate your job as a "community manager" to President Barack Obama's former gig as a "community organizer." Chalk it up to working in an industry that's still in puberty. We think a day is coming soon where the "community manager" will be as common a position as "office manager." Do you agree?
Viral Content
This is an interesting one. In the video, an old man marvels at how no one picked up on the whole "viral" content thing being completely rigged. Have you ever wondered how on earth a certain piece of pointless, frivolous content could go viral? Maybe all it needed was an orchestrated boost from a highly connected internal team. Then again, we like to believe that most viral content got there because it genuinely resonated with lots and lots of people. 
QR Codes
We've recently written about how QR codes need to be mobile-friendly, scannable, and offered in situations where people have time to read what the code leads to. In the video, a guy tells us in Spanish how his cool QR code tattoo ended up actually linking to something really lame when scanned. Sadly, a lot of QR codes fit the same bill, except they mean to link to the information. if QR codes are still around in the year 2062, here's hoping they have adapted to be fully useful and appropriate in every instance. Do you think they're just a fad, or a glimpse into our future?
You know what? We don't think this is ever going to change: There will always be those people who want to share a little bit too much via social media. And for every person who likes to tell everyone with intricate detail about the doughnut they had for breakfast, there will be a gaggle of still more people who will choose to complain about it rather than simply hide these people from their feeds or digitally disconnect from them. 

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About the Author
Christine Geraci is the Social Media/Promotions Specialist at MVP Health Care in Schenectady, NY. Connect with her on Twitter @christinegeraci.
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