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Duck, Luck, Goose
By: Tom Roarty
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For years you worked hard developing a style and name for yourself in the design industry. Be it traditional or digital media, you have become so comfortable adapting your work, you show no signs of fear when you hear the words “special project.” However, even the most seasoned design guru is shaken by the thought of unemployment. So after waking up practically every day with a place to go, what do you do when you find yourself no longer needed?
Finding a job today has become a full-time job in itself. The days where a talented designer could send out 10 resumes and land eight interviews are long gone. If you have just started searching for a new creative position, you will quickly come to learn that luck now trumps all else. What you are usually fighting for is a single position, against recent grads that will take a quarter of what you could survive on, web watchers that got there resume out thirty-six seconds after a job was posted and the end all, some AE’s nephew who needs a job and likes to draw.
The one thing that most “successful” creative shops have is the ability to develop a cohesive office environment, something you cannot get a sense of from a resume alone. Becoming a member of a truly creative company is a lot like that child’s game Duck, Duck, Goose, but when it comes to employment, the game should be called Duck, Luck, Goose!
Once you have to start looking for a job, you become the duck, circling the outer perimeter searching for that next opportunity.  If you are lucky enough, you find your place back in the circle, but it is not always easy to break away from being the goose, and people could spend a long time just circling around the outside looking in at the position they know were made for them! Although there are more obstacles than chances, there are ways to get your search for a career in gear. The most impactful way? Simply meet people.
Although social networking makes people a lot easier to access, it is still not an accurate measure of your personality. Using social media is a great means of being introduced to the people you will need to meet in order to reach your goals, but the hand shake, direct eye contact and your personality traits are the true keys to the kingdom. Attend lectures, seminars and meet and greets as often as possible. Create a full-circle “social” network in order to expose your talents and personality to hiring managers. By showing that you can play nice with others, not only will you get a gold star for the day, but you may just land that gig you always wanted as well!


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