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Everyday I'm Tumblin'
By: Melody Weister
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Just so we’re clear, I’m extremely new to this whole Tumblr phenomenon. For the duration of my experiences with the Internet, my knowledge of Tumblr was limited to the times when I’d send funny pictures to my friends, only to hear, “I saw that last week on Tumblr; what are you, new?” After a few years of holding a grudge against this site for pre-empting all my hilarious picture finds, I gave in and set up my own account so I could answer the question I’ve had posed to me by a few fellow Internet geeks: “What is the point of a Tumblr?”

What I’ve discovered is that, while the point of Tumblr is different for a lot of people, it’s a great way to connect with other bloggers. A ton of Tumblr accounts are devoted to simply posting pictures (amazing ones, but pictures nonetheless), while others use the site to post genuine blog entries. I have some personal favorite Tumblrs that I follow, but we’ll get there later. The greatest feature of Tumblr is the “reblog” button; for those of you familiar with Twitter, this button is essentially a “retweet” button for blog entries. Tumblr customizes the entry to honor the source, so no one can just run around willy-nilly, ripping off the clever entries their friends post. The tag feature makes it easy to find blog entries specific to your interests; make sure you tag your own posts properly so others can find them — it’s like an experience in learning SEO (search engine optimization) without the heavy professional pressure. There’s also a heart button to signify that you liked an entry, and the option to ask bloggers questions on their Tumblr, which they can then answer publically. All in all, Tumblr is unique in its social networking and blogging combination, and I’ve had a great experience on it so far.
Some blogs I recommend reading, either by following them as a Tumblr user or at least subscribing to their RSS feed:

Food On My Dog: It sounds ridiculous but this blogger has the most tolerant dog in the world, allowing her owner to creatively adorn her head with various food items. According to his FAQ, the dog has never protested this, and she is later fed the dog-safe food items. Now that the pets’ rights activists are sated, let me just say these are some of the most adorable and hilarious pet photos I’ve seen floating about the internet, and well worth viewing on a daily basis.

Animals Doing People Things: Okay, pictures of adorable animals don’t ever really get old. This blog features animals of all kinds, occasionally dressed as people, and always doing something that you would expect to see a person doing, whether it’s making a phone call, reading a book, wearing a sweater vest, or yelling at a waitress in a restaurant. It’s a treat.

Clients from Hell: Everyone who is familiar with the graphic design profession or works within that field absolutely needs to follow this blog. It’s a collection of hilarious exchanges between clients and the designers who suffer them. Featuring such gems as, “Do you know anything about protecting websites from viruses and sperm?” this blog is a must-read, and constantly keeps me rolling.

Wil Wheaton: Wil Wheaton is my celebrity social media crush. Everything he posts is either pithy and brilliant, or downright hilarious. Also, token celebrity blog recommendation — I’d recommend his Twitter over Lindsay Lohan’s or Taylor Swift’s any day of the week.

Know of any other hilarious/interesting/exciting Tumblr accounts to recommend? Feel free to tell me about them in the comments section; I love discovering new blogs. If you want to follow me on Tumblr, you can do so here; I mostly reblog GIFs of BBC’s Sherlock and cute animal pictures, and any views posted there don’t reflect the opinions of Talent Zoo Media, obviously.

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Melody Weister is a technology aficionado, unashamed smartphone geek, and casual gamer from Montclair, NJ, where she works as a Social Media Coordinator. Follow her on Twitter: @msmelodyrose.
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