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The Web's Love Affair with Infographics
By: Christine Geraci
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Websites and blogs are falling in love...with infographics. 
Like Lotharios of the blogosphere, infographics are charming their way into post after post. Lately, I've been seeing a different infographic in my feed reader at least once per day. 
If you haven't seen an infographic featured on the blogs you follow, chances are you will soon. And you just might fall in love too. There's plenty to like about them:
  • Infographics make boring facts and figures dynamic and digestible.
  • Infographics are easily shareable.
  • Infographics can be branded — so if the graphic goes viral, so does your brand.
That's enough to make you want to run out and buy some Adobe Creative Suite software, isn't it? Well, here's the thing: Infographics aren't just pretty faces.
And they aren't for design amateurs. If you don't have stellar design skills, you should hire someone who does before attempting to produce them for your blog or website. 
Infographics are a lot of work. Frankly, boiling complicated facts and figures down into something simple, yet comprehensive, takes work. But it's worth it when done right. 
Infographics need to be good for the SEO magic to kick in. If your infographic is interesting, informative, and designed well, then it will bring your site plenty of traffic. In other words, it's just as much about substance as it is about looks.
What are your thoughts on infographics? Do you prefer them to actual web articles or blog posts?

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About the Author
Christine Geraci is the Social Media/Promotions Specialist at MVP Health Care in Schenectady, NY. Connect with her on Twitter @christinegeraci.
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