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Super Bowl I
By: Jake Watt
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No, this is not a retrospective on the Vincent Lombardi classic; however, in a big way, Super Bowl I occurred last night. As social media evolves from the endless possibilities found in an application opening up its API to even the most conservative corporations beginning a Twitter feed, we can expect each subsequent Super Bowl to eclipse its predecessor in more than just the roman numerals. Socially, the Super Bowl is just getting started.
Last night the world watched the big game and it watched in more innovative ways. Verizon-powered tablets and mobile and (legal) streaming from the NFL and NBC websites hosted their own Super Bowl parties, and they invited the world. We'll have to sit tight as more and more information is released regarding how many folks RSVP'd.
Through these outlets, digital fanatics were afforded the opportunity to switch between camera angles, live stats, and replays right from their devices. Did this kill the productivity of those forced to work on a national holiday? Of course, but it is the Super Bowl, and it's not half of what is possible to effectively eradicate any work that will ever be done on Super Sunday.
As the NFL dives deeper into the digital waters, we should expect a multitude of additions to the big game. Imagine a streaming Super Bowl with deeper social integration, incorporating live Twitter and Facebook reactions from your friends. For one night the NFL could leverage their live stream to create a photo-sharing platform with usage rates eclipsing the most popular of startups, pulling tagged photos from inside the stadium, a party down the street, and a watch party at a pub in London at three a.m. The future is bright for user-generated content and communities to form.
Enough crystal ball; let's take a look at this year's numbers:
10,000: Tweets per second during the last three minutes of the big game.
5: Links to Facebook.
5: Shazam scan prompts.
7: Commercials employing hashtags.
1: Of the most poorly utilized QR Codes ever, perhaps responsible for killing the technology.

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About the Author
Jake Watt is the Digital Strategist at The brpr Group. A recent graduate with honors from the West Virginia University College of Business and Economics, Jake’s deep appreciation for creativity built upon a concrete business foundation creates this millennial’s dynamic presence in the digital world. Jake may be a dreamer, but studies have shown he is not the only one. Find him on Twitter here.
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