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What is the Zero Moment of Truth?
By: Tristan Pelligrino
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I sent out a tweet (embedded below) last Friday about Jim Lecinski's (Google’s Managing Director of U.S. Sales & Service) new eBook, Winning the Zero Moment of Truth. I finally had a chance to check out the videos and the eBook over the weekend.

If you don’t know what the Zero Moment of Truth is, here is a definition: “It’s a new decision-making moment that takes place a hundred million times a day on mobile phones, laptops and wired devices of all kinds. It’s a moment where marketing happens, where information happens, and where consumers make choices that affect the success and failure of nearly every brand in the world.”

So, it is basically a term used to describe how most consumers shop today. After reading the eBook, I really feel that the authors did a great job in simplifying this new phenomenon. Here are some key notes on the book and video content:

The eBook
The eBook is 75 pages of information about the new mental model of consumers. The book discusses the way we buy things in today’s marketplace and how this is outpacing the marketing strategies. The book includes several key statistics and graphics to help convey the material. The authors discuss how this new moment of truth is where customers go out and educate themselves on the products before they buy. And, this is relevant for businesses of all sizes.

For example, if your small business sells candy in a vacation town, it is important to ensure that you’re listed on local directories and can be found on mobile devices. You also want to provide some helpful information about the type of candy you sell and other items useful for children. So, when parents are planning a trip to the town, they can come across your business and make sure they stop by while visiting.  

The Videos
The corresponding videos are really a great bonus to the eBook. The videos essentially tie directly into many of the chapters. The content features interviews from Jim Lecinski and other industry leaders. If you have to pick out one of the videos to watch, I’d suggest “How to Win at ZMOT” embedded below.

Overall, one of the big takeaways that I have with ZMOT is that we all should strive to develop fresh content that is simple to understand and that is optimized in a way that means customers can find it.  If you can do that, you may just master the ZMOT.

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Tristan Pelligrino is a marketing director, producer, blogger and co-owner of 522 Productions and 522 Digital. Connect with him @tpelligrino
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