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4 Juicy Rumors — and 1 Nerdy Wish List — for the Apple TV
By: Christine Geraci
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2012 is supposed to be the year that Apple reveals the "code" that co-founder Steve Jobs "finally cracked" about TVs. 
Apple is a tight-lipped, iron-clad company, so it's not saying much. But the devotees (and shareholders, no doubt) obsessed with its mystique are keeping the rumor mill churning with rumors about a full-fledged Apple TV device being built and brought to market by the end of this year, or the beginning of 2013. 
Based on the rumors, this thing is going to make The Jetsons look like The Flintsones. If these wishes come true, the new Apple TV — not to be confused with the plug-in device that's been around since 2007 — will combine a number of technologies we love with features we wish we had. Rumor has it:
Apple TV will allow for a la carte programming selection. When all is said and done, I watch maybe 10 channels regularly. Yet I have access to literally 900. This makes no blasted sense. But if you're a TV network it does. Well, am I not already saying "buzz off" to the networks I never watch? Gosh, I hope this rumor is true.
Apple TV will integrate Siri. Yeah...being able to talk to your TV would just be awesome. 
Apple TV will use motion control like the XBox 360 Kinect. Because if you're going to channel-surf, why not do it literally and get some exercise out of it?
Apple TV will fully integrate with your other Apple devices wirelessly. Makes total sense. Can't find the remote? Just use your iPhone or iPad. Or perhaps, these TVs will not even come with remotes.
And while we're at it, I thought I might as well throw in a few special requests of my own:
Apple TV should have a built-in webcam. I'm surprised that all TVs don't already come with a webcam. In Apple's case, I feel like this is a no-brainer when you consider how FaceTime is awesomeGoogle Hangouts are nifty, and Skype...you know, exists. 
Apple TV should be a giant touch screen. So you can "swish and flick" on a grander scale. 
Apple TV should mix my drinks and make my sandwiches. OK, so maybe that's only possible on The Jetsons. 
What sorts of features are you hoping Apple TV will include?

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Christine Geraci is the Social Media/Promotions Specialist at MVP Health Care in Schenectady, NY. Connect with her on Twitter @christinegeraci.
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