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If You Like It, Put A Pin On It
By: Jake Watt
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I know what your wedding day will look like. Your next trip to Europe, you know, when you'll visit the Casa Malaparte? That dream home tucked away deep in Cascadia, designed to mirror the shapes and materials of your favorite skyline?
I don't really know your reveries specifically, and neither does the startup I'm penning this post about. But those around you do. Those pins you share are visions on display, offered up to those who care enough to stop by your digital pinboard. Pinterest is truly an amazing shift; we are beginning to tap into a much richer digital experience and social connectivity. Pinterest as a platform creates a community of architects, literal and nonliteral, pop culture and counter culture, kitchen and piercings, and manages to blur some linnes between all these groups. Repins ultimately suggest a common strand intertwining the most unlikely of people.
What exactly was the impetus for this post? Well, how Pinterest is changing social media, of course, but that's merely a prologue. It's the kid's table at dinner; the chic, oaken kid's table that you pinned to your Thanksgiving 2021 board, to be exact.
There's a much larger message; the people we know, the people we do not, leave genuine emotions and their intimate intentions pinned all around us. The more of us that stop and look will better understand those around us, enhancing our real and digital connections and communication in ways we never thought possible.
What information does Pinterest offer about the world as a collective? That larger message explained is simply this; perhaps a different thread sews our cultural fabric, but more often than not we stitch the same dream together.

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About the Author
Jake Watt is the Digital Strategist at The brpr Group. A recent graduate with honors from the West Virginia University College of Business and Economics, Jake’s deep appreciation for creativity built upon a concrete business foundation creates this millennial’s dynamic presence in the digital world. Jake may be a dreamer, but studies have shown he is not the only one. Find him on Twitter here.
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