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A CES Mad Lib
By: Andy Weiss
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It’s time for the mother of all tech trade shows. That’s right. The Consumer Electronics Show is going on right now in Las Vegas and virtually every electronics manufacturer or software company will be making some sort of announcement that its newest product is going to revolutionize the way people do X, experience Y, or connect with Z. Not only that, but the product is faster, thinner, lighter, and more energy efficient than anything ever released before. True. Many of the products may not live up to their claims, but that won’t stop the hyperbole from spilling out of every news release and tech media outlet. But why should the folks in Vegas have all the fun? Here’s a way for you to get in on the action and announce your own revolutionary product.
___________ (name of Greek God) Unveils __________ (name of first pet) Bringing ___________________ (noun) to __________________(mundane task)
Las Vegas, Nevada
January 10, 2012
At CES today, _________ (your middle name) ______________ (last name of favorite teacher), founder of ___________ (name of Greek God) was joined onstage by ___________________ (name of B-list celebrity) for the unveiling of ________________ (name of first pet). The product is set to reinvent the way consumers ________________________ (mundane task) in much the same way the ______________ (fruit) revolutionized ______________ (name of a hobby).  The  _________________ (number) _________________ (technical spec) __________________ (name of first pet) combines the simplicity of _________________ (household chore) with the speed of ___________________ (name of sport).
“We stumbled upon this combination and felt it unlocked the essence of ____________ (mundane task). But it took us _____________ (number) years of additional research and development to fine-tune the technology behind _______________ (name of first pet). It is truly a ______________ (adjective) experience for consumers,” said _____________ (color) ___________________ (city name), VP of Product Development for __________ (name of Greek God).
The _______________ (name of first pet) is expected to be available in _______________ (name of season) of _________________ (year) at a retail cost of $_________________ (number).

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About the Author
Andy Weiss is a digital direct marketer, consumer evangelist, change agent, and cultural anthropologist.
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