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Daily Opportunities Abound: Create Your Own Digital Magic in 2012
By: Marcus Reese
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Throughout our lifetimes we all silently long to feel more alive. Time and time again, we look to be filled with the wondrous feeling of pure life. As a singular person, product, or collective brand, we give people various feelings, but what happens when we provide someone else with that exciting rush of feeling we call life? That’s when magical memories are made. 

You already know a brand can be a personality or a company, and both can produce magic. Each and every day new opportunities await the magical spark that turns them into influential memories. Today you’ll see some of the daily magic Porsche gives to its drivers, and I’m sure you’ll agree they’ve done a wonderful job of showcasing it through digital. Here’s one quick example in video form. 

There are many things that can be said about the idea of a car or the concept of owning an amazing machine like a Porsche. It’s beautiful to see a brand like Porsche produce such a great site (link below) and highlight great experiences with simple videos.

Key Opportunity:
All of these ideas should make you aware of the fact that you, your company, and your brand have the daily opportunity to make striking experiences that give the feeling or further appreciation of life. In the year 2012 you can easily create your own magic, highlight it, and simply put it out there. If you cannot give someone a great experience first-hand, at least you can share. 

From the mundane to the magical, the things we love are the things we gratefully spend our money on to take away the boring and help us create spectacular memories. Isn’t this exactly what great products and services are made for? 

Porsche created a story-driven microsite based on user submissions (video and text). Please go spend some time viewing the rest of the special Porsche website. I’m sure you’ll find yourself smiling.

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About the Author
Marcus Reese is a Strategist and Futurist. He believes in the disruptive value of synchronizing strategy, technology, and creativity. By constantly leveraging insights and passion, he focuses on finding ways to create great experiences that bridge opportunities and success for clients big and small. You can connect with him via Linkedin here.
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