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4 Ways to Stick to Your Resolutions with Social Media
By: Judi Cutrone
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There is a reason that marathon runners train in groups. Though it is considered a solitary exercise, only the rare runner finds it easier to meet their goals by running alone as opposed to training among an encouraging pack of like-minded individuals. It's not just running, either; increasingly, more and more people are finding fitness success in group exercises as opposed to just going solo. There's encouragement to be found in a group and also a little healthy competition, and both make it easier for a person to surge onward and upward. Looking for new ways to (finally) keep your New Year's resolutions? Attack it from an athlete's perspective and consider the benefits of making your big personal changes among a supportive group of friends, coworkers, and family members. When it comes to making, and keeping, personal resolutions in modern times, social media networks could be your key to success.

4. Designate an HQ for Your Story (Facebook Notes, Pinterest Board, Tumblr blog)

It's time to move beyond simply writing your resolutions on a scrap piece of paper or announcing them at your New Year's Eve cocktail party. Find a place within your existing social networks where you can "journal" your resolution and your progress. The occasional tweet just won't cut it; consider something that can serve as a headquarters like Facebook Notes or a separate Board on Pinterest with inspiring images and notes about your progress, or maybe even starting a short-term Tumblr blog. If you're serious about bettering yourself, give your resolution the structure it needs to survive past a drunken, late-night announcement.

3. Ask Your Networks for Help

Feeling embarrassed about posting your desire to lose weight or quit smoking on Facebook? Turn it into a sincere request for encouragement and your friends and family will surely rise to the occasion. Ask your network for advice — make them a part of your journey and they will become invested in seeing you succeed. When you post an update, thank them for their encouraging comments and well-wishes and remind them how important they are in keeping you going.

2. Encourage in Kind

Notice a tweet from an acquaintance about their own resolution struggles? Seen a Facebook comment where they lament their own obstacles? Whether it's in weight loss or fitness or getting organized, your network needs your help too. Networking is about give and take in equal measure. Just as people are supporting you, make an effort to support others as well. If you've been slacking on your own goals, a comment or post update from someone else could supply you with the motivation you need to stay on track.

1. Share your Successes, No Matter How Small

Even if you feel like you've fallen short of your overall goal, post your smaller successes. Even if you've only lost 10 pounds instead of that 50, celebrate your smaller clothes size online. Your friends and family will appreciate it as a success, even if you had hoped for something bigger. In turn, your successes could inspire the people in your network to take control and make some really positive changes in their own lives.

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About the Author
Judi Cutrone is a social media strategist, novelist, and food blogger. She is an appreciator of good television, muppets, and the music of Phil Collins.
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