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Establishing Social Media Goals in 2012 for Small Businesses
By: Judi Cutrone
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How many times have you visited a business's Facebook page or Twitter profile to discover a smoldering, abandoned ruin? Effective social media marketing programs that operate on a budget require both time and a steadfast commitment to content generation. The best way to stay on track and ensure a successful year in social media marketing is to treat your program with the same care and attention as the income generating sectors of your business. Get started today by establishing some serious goals for 2012.

Draft A Social Media Mission Statement

If you don't have a primary brand message attached to your social media marketing, now is the perfect time to establish one. Ensure your marketing messages reflect your overall intentions across all media channels by drafting a simple, straightforward Mission Statement. If you've already created one, it's time to revisit it; how has your overall message changed or evolved over the last year? How can it better reflect your business in 2012?

Set Your Primary Goal

If your small business doesn't have a social media program, make the successful integration of a program your primary goal for 2012. If you are in year two, consider the ways your social media program can start generating real results for your business; should it be driving leads or generating income through a sales engine? Consider the biggest and most powerful way your social media marketing program can empower your business and set it as your primary goal for the new year.

Work Backwords for Milestones

Now that you have a primary goal in place, you can set realistic milestones for your program. If the goal is generate revenue through an online store, a sample milestone would be to see an increase in store traffic by Month 3. If the primary goal is a set number of visitors to your website by the end of the year, set smaller milestones to hit throughout the year and devise different techniques to get the numbers there. Work on each subsequent step and the climb is suddenly that much easier.

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About the Author
Judi Cutrone is a social media strategist, novelist, and food blogger. She is an appreciator of good television, muppets, and the music of Phil Collins.
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