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Two Key Benefits of the New Twitter Interface
By: Tristan Pelligrino
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Last week, Twitter released their new interface. The new UI is designed to be more consistent across all of the native Twitter applications. So, your experience should feel very similar whether you are on a phone or laptop.

But, the new design is more than just aesthetics. I found that the new design focuses on two major things:

Finding information
Lately, finding information on Twitter has become a major challenge. The amount of junk has become overwhelming and you have to really filter through a lot of content to find what you may be looking for. The new interface adds a Discover function. This function is designed to pull in information relevant to what you enjoy on Twitter. Discover finds stories and groups the latest activity based on your followers. Based on the release information, the Discover feature is supposed to get “smarter” as it goes along. Another big improvement is the Connect feature. This feature groups your conversations and is designed to keep momentum going on Twitter. You now can easily see who has retweeted your content and mentioned you on Twitter. I think this is a drastic improvement over the older interface.

Making a Tweet More Valuable
Twitter is known for the character limit. People have to get their messages across in less than 140 characters. At the end of the day, it makes all of us focus on being concise. But, with this new interface, Twitter adds value to your tweets by enhancing the way you can view videos and photos.  Rather than using a slide out pane, users can view images, videos and other details about the tweet by selecting “Open.” So, if your message is compelling, viewers can take the next action right in Twitter. Videos through YouTube, Vimeo, and the other accepted sites are readily available in the actual tweet. And, perhaps the most interesting update: the embeddable tweet. Twitter has made each tweet an object that can be embedded and shared on the Web. I’m really anxious to see if users adopt this functionality.

And, as usual, I wanted to attach a video that helps to capture the latest updates. Check it out below.

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About the Author
Tristan Pelligrino is a marketing director, producer, blogger and co-owner of 522 Productions and 522 Digital. Connect with him @tpelligrino
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