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The New Facebook Layout: See What’s Changed
By: Miranda Miller
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Facebook is at it again, keeping us on our toes with their ever-changing interface. We were expecting them to announce big changes at the f8 conference, which starts tomorrow. This morning, though, Facebook rolled out new changes and you might be finding it a bit difficult to find what you’re looking for. We’ll start at the top and see what’s new.

The Top Navigation Bar
Facebook has been testing a locked navigation bar in recent weeks, so it would scroll down the page with you, keeping Account, Profile, Find Friends, and other tabs easily accessible. In this morning’s version, those tabs are gone from the top right corner. Instead, you’ll see your name and profile picture, which takes you to your profile, alongside a Home button and the settings dropdown menu, which isn’t labeled and simply appears as a downward-facing arrow. 

Within that settings menu, Help Center has been moved to the top of the list, Edit Friends has been removed, and you now have the option of using Facebook as a Page from here. The right side of the top navigation menu appears unchanged and still displays the Facebook logo Home tab, Friend Requests, Messages, Notifications, and the Search bar.

The News Feed
This is the part I’ve heard much griping about this morning, though I suspect people will get used to it (as we always seem to do). One user has gone so far as to make a banner declaring their hatred for the new feed; see the photo on this post. So what’s changed?

Gone are the Top News and Most Recent options. Instead, Facebook has sorted your news feed with Top Stories from the Last Hour at the top, followed by Recent Stories. Posts that hit the Newsfeed since your last login now have a blue marker in the top left corner. Those who posted more than once in the last hour display the most recent post, with a notice that there are other posts available from that user, though they are collapsed in the News feed.

The Update Status box is collapsed; you can choose to open this box to post content, Add a Photo, or Ask a Question from the top of your News Feed.

It looks like all comments on posts from the last hour are collapsed, as opposed to the most recent two showing, as in the previous version of the News Feed. Once you get down to Recent Stories, it shows the most recent two comments and the others are collapsed.

Left Sidebar Changes
The left sidebar looks pretty much the same, but the menu options have changed. On the most recent version, I had: Profile link, Favorites, Lists, Pages, Groups, Apps, and Friends on Chat. In the new version, they have changed to: Profile link, Favorites, Lists, Pages, Groups, More, and Friends on Chat.

The only difference I can see so far is Apps, which has been removed in the new version. It’s still there, but it’s collapsed under the More button.

Right Sidebar Changes
This is another area that has changed quite a bit.  We used to have, from the top: People You May Know and Sponsored Ads or Stories.  

This latest version of the Facebook homepage displays a large news ticker at the top of the right sidebar. This is a rolling, real-time feed of your friends' recent activity. You can collapse the description at the top, but not the ticker box itself, and you can navigate through the notifications using the scrollbar in the box.

Below the ticker box, a small box shows Birthdays and Events, though it is not labeled as such. The last box in the right sidebar is Friends’ Photos. On the Profile page, the right sidebar changes to show Event Invitations at the top, followed by Sponsored Ads and Stories.

Go Back to the Old Facebook Layout
If you don’t like the most recent changes, you can go to your Account Settings and set your language preference to UK English; it doesn’t look like these changes have been rolled out in the UK yet. We have no idea how long it will last, but it works for now!

So what do you think of the most recent changes? Get ready for more, because the f8 developer conference hasn’t even started yet and there are big changes coming to the Profile page.

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