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How Social Media is Changing America
By: Cristina Menendez
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We used to want huge houses with lavish cars and live sprawled in the suburbs far from the city lights. We used to work for companies that covered up illegitimate conduct and abuse — we didn’t have a voice. All that is changing and we can partly thank social media for several of those changes.  

The Atlantic
talks about a shift in Americans' over-consumption of fossil energy and that we should contemplate a new source of revenue for this country and consider what will continue to flourish moving forward. Thanks to all the campaigns to conserve energy, the message has been noted — and we have made changes to begin correcting it. We currently have apps that give us our carbon footprint and offer green tips. Americans now frown upon others that do not recycle (who unfortunately are too many). This is was not the case 15 years ago, even though in Europe recycling has been part of the culture for almost two decades. 

In the work force, changes abound. A Forbes article talks about the changing environment in companies because of the need to be transparent internally and externally regarding their business environments, employee evaluations, and internal communications to company staff. Amazing, isn’t it? A social network has revolutionized the way companies not only do business with clients but also how they manage people internally. A company now has to put on big-boy pants and tell the truth about its position because we are watching and we each have a voice that reaches thousands. More importantly, we are using that power to get changes.   

Moving on to our legal system: an interesting read in the Orlando Sentinel article suggests that social media possibly assisted the lawyers on the Casey Anthony case in devising their trail strategy! To boot, it contemplates whether social media could revolutionize how attorneys establish their defense. Of course, in the near future the courts will have to make a ruling over how it will be used and interpreted. But thinking about how the defense attorneys may have swayed the jury (even though nothing has been proven it did) is still a frightening thought!

Let’s not forget to mention the myriad of articles about Obama’s campaign and his effective social media campaign. Let’s hope that we take advantage and use our powerful voices to ask all the questions and are positive the campaign is actually crystal clear.

We're seeing an abundance of all these changes, but what do they mean for America? Are we asking the right questions about how transparency might actually be a manipulation? Are we taking a step back and pondering what could happen…and if it did happen, how would we solve it or change it?

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Cristina Menendez is a jack of all trades and master of some. Film, music, fashion, and marketing are some of her passions. She hearts cooking and entertaining. Follow her on Twitter!
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