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The PC Party is Officially Over
By: Greg Miller
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It’s been said that you will always remember your first. Do you remember yours? I remember mine. She was the sexiest thing I ever laid my eyes on. I fell in love with her from the moment I first turned her on, and the feeling was mutual. She had everything and anything I ever needed, and I was so appreciative of my mother for giving her to me as a Christmas gift.

Relax, I’m talking about my first computer. You guys have weird imaginations. Yes, I did love her. All 4GB of her hard drive, all 128KB of RAM, and her 56k modem, which was to die for. Now that we’re living in the post-PC era, it makes me appreciate her even more. Yes, you heard me: post-PC era. Don’t make faces. I know there are some households out there that don’t even have a PC. And, yes, I know there are people in different parts of the world who have yet to even touch or see a computer in real life, but the party is over. What can I say? We had a party, it was fun, made lots of new friends and had a blast. Sorry you missed it. But no worries. The next party is going to be bigger than the first.

I can point to all kinds of statistics of how over the past several years PC sales have been going south, but I’m not. Partially because I don’t feel like doing the research, and mostly because Digital Pivot readers are intelligent enough to do it themselves. Instead, let’s just look at what’s happened this past week.

Google + Motorola = Motoogle?: Google went out and spent $12.5 Billion dollars to buy Motorola Mobility. Why? Because they’re Google and the cash just happened to be sitting on the dining room table, but mostly because the next computing age isn’t a battle to be in every household, but a battle to be in every hand on the planet and being there wherever they go. Microsoft, along with a bunch of other hardware-making cronies, won that first battle.

The #1 PC maker in the world became the #1 non-PC maker in the world: Speaking of cronies, HP literally got tired of making computers and said “I quit.” Yes, they’re out of the hardware-making business practically altogether. And with all the tablet competition out there (a lie because there’s not much competition vs. the iPad) they also gave up making tablets as well and appear to be on track to become a software company. A crazy shift in business, but a necessary one.

Mark Dean hammers the nail in the coffin: Don’t ask me why I like the phrase “nail in the coffin,” but do ask me who Mark Dean is. Mark is IBM’s Chief Technology Officer. He’s also one of the original engineers who helped design the first PC 30 years ago. On August 12th, the PC officially turned 30 years old. To commemorate the anniversary, Mark published a blog post and had this to say about the PC:

"[It's] going the way of the vacuum tube, typewriter, vinyl records, CRT, and incandescent light bulbs"

He essentially went on to say that the PC era died quicker than he thought it would and the future of computing will be powered by tablets, phones, and other Internet-connected devices.

The party is officially over. In all honesty, it has been for quite a while. If you missed it, hopefully if you’re reading this article it’s not on a PC but on a tablet, iPhone, or your brand-new Motoogle 2 Android-powered device.

That is, unless you miss the next party too and never get a chance to read this at all.

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Greg Miller is an IT Support Pro, digital evolutionist, NBA fanatic, and the founder\editor of LifeAppolution where you can learn to get more from life one app at a time. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @LifeAppolution.
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