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Have You Checked Your Google Dashboard?
By: Ari B. Adler
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Google+ is quickly becoming a topic of discussion among the early adopters of social networks, but when was the last time you checked your Google Dashboard? Did you even know you have one? At the Google Dashboard, you can get a quick overview of how much Google has infiltrated your life and, more importantly, how much of that life is being shared publicly on the Web. You also can use the links and tools on the page to take care of your account settings, including your overall Google account as well as the many Google offerings you have signed up for. It's especially helpful to remind you of stuff you signed up to try out and then forgot as it joined the flotsam of Internet productivity.

It may be surprising at first for you to see how much of your life has been touched by Google, or it may comforting to know that having Google so integrated means you have easy access to your Web world via the Google Dashboard. For example, I can see, interact, and adjust my Google life regarding my account, my profile, AdSense, News Alerts, Analytics, Blogger, Buzz, Calendar, Checkout, Chrome, Contacts, Docs, Feedburner, Gmail, Google+, Groups, iGoogle, Latitude, Maps, Moderator, Picasa, Reader, Sites, Social Connections, Talk, Tasks, Voice and YouTube, as well as my overall web history including Google searches, etc.

When you see it all laid out before you, it's amazing to see how powerful Google really has become. But, to Google's credit, they are sharing the power to control your Googlified life in one easy dashboard. I've recently started tweaking my Google products to tap into their full potential, spurred on by my week on Google+ and realizing the power of synergy between all the Google products. In future posts I'll write about what some of those tweaks have meant now that I've found a way for technology to finally make my life easier. After all, hasn't that been the unfulfilled promise for decades?

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Ari B. Adler is a professional communicator with a vast array of experience in media, public, and government relations for public and private sector employers. Read his blog, Here Comes Later, and follow him on Twitter.
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