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Tweet! That! Photo!
By: Christopher Renz
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Fresh on the heels of their 40 million dollar Tweetdeck purchase, Twitter will soon institute its own photo service, rivaling Twitpic and the like. Letting sophisticated users take the lead up until now has been the goal and has lead to some great innovation, namely Instagram, Camera+, and WhoSay.com, for the celebrities among us.
Unlike Facebook, who commandeered the photo experience from the jump, corporate Twitter has been much less stringent. What this new official Twitter photo experience will bring is a mystery until the D9 conference next week. However, the motivation behind instituting this service is an easier guess. While it could stem from a desire to create something new rather than purchasing services created by others at a high cost, the advertising opportunities were most likely a large part of the conversation
Let’s speculate for a moment, shall we? What could this official service provide that all the independent start-ups lack? How about a Twitter version of tagging? Twagging? Perhaps some sort of ubiquitous photo link, shorter than all the rivals in order to free up additional characters? Custom filters along the lines of Instagram or perhaps a more professional version a la Camera+? Maybe sorting and filing options will differentiate this service, making it easier to peruse mobile uploads? All of the above? Hopefully there will be some new ideas that will surprise and delight users without causing the frustrating disruptions to service we experienced last week.

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About the Author
Christopher Renz is Agency Director at the award-winning Social Media Strategy agency, The brpr Group.  Prior to The brpr Group, Renz contributed to national ad campaigns at both Crispin Porter + Bogusky and OMD.  Follow his tweets @ThebrprGroup as well as the agency blog.
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