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Facebook’s Editorial Purge has Completely Backfired
August 30th, 2016 by The Verge
It’s been a rough few days for Facebook’s Trending Topics. The company announced on Friday that it’s made the news list more automated by removing article descriptions and leaning more heavily on algorithms to produce it. The company also reportedly fired as many as 18 editorial contractors responsible...

No Filter: DJ Khaled and the FTC’s Snapchat Problem
August 30th, 2016 by Contently
No one has been more influential to Snapchat culture than DJ Khaled. An Adweek cover story on the famous rapper deemed him the “King of Snapchat” in February. One month later, Emmanuel Seuge, senior vice president for content at Coca-Cola, called him the same in a cover story in Bloomberg Businessweek.
Frank Ocean, Apple Music, and theHeadache Of Streaming Exclusives
August 29th, 2016 by Fast Company
This weekend, I had a brief, uniquely modern conversation with somebody as we both stared into our phones together. "The new Frank Ocean is out." "Oh damn, really? Let me pull it up." "It’s only on Apple Music." "No, look, here it is on YouTube." *Pitch-shifted audio of Frank Ocean singing like a chipmunk* "Oh. Weird. I guess I should sign up for Apple Music." "Yeah, there's a free trial. Or you could just torrent it." For those of us who follow technology news and the constantly evolving music industry, the exclusive arrival...
11 Simple Design Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Images
August 26th, 2016 by Buffer
Humans are, by nature, very visual beings. In the brain itself, there are hundreds of millions of neurons devoted to visual processing, nearly 30 percent of the entire cortex, as compared with 8 percent for touch and just 3 percent for hearing. Each of the two optic...
WhatsApp to Start Sharing User Data with Facebook
August 25th, 2016 by The Verge
After WhatsApp was bought by Facebook in 2014, users worried that the messaging app's strong stance on privacy might be compromised. Co-founder Jan Koum hoped to stem these fears, writing in a blog post at the time: "Respect for your privacy is coded into our DNA, and we built WhatsApp around the goal..."
BuzzFeed Restructures News and Entertainment Divisions to Become 'Cross-Platform Media Company'
August 24th, 2016 by The Drum
BuzzFeed is to split into two distinct divisions in a bid to separate its news content from its entertainment offering. The media giant will now operate BuzzFeed News as well as a newly-created entity dubbed BuzzFeed Entertainment Group (BFEG). The move is designed to cement the publisher's position as a dominant player in the digital video space, and was brought to light after Vanity Fair published a memo sent to staff from BuzzFeed chief executive Jonah Peretti.
Truth in Advertising Takes on the Kardashians
August 24th, 2016 by Contently
America’s first family is officially on notice. Yesterday, Truth in Advertising (TINA)—a consumer advocacy nonprofit—announced in a blog post that it had sent a letter to the Kardashian clan that went something like this: Either stop your deceptive marketing practices or we’ll file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
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