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Las Vegas is Helping the City Heal With 2 Lines of Perfect Copy
October 5th, 2017 by Adweek
The ads are all over town, from digital billboards at the airport to the famous marquee displays outside the major hotels and casinos. Two lines of white copy on a black background.

Chili’s Brings Back Its ‘Baby Back’ Jingle
October 4th, 2017 by Adweek
An earworm since 1986, Chili’s jaunty jingle gets its first airing since 2015, when it was used as the soundtrack for the chain’s 40th anniversary.
Harley-Davidson Wooing Millennials Via Mobile, Digital
October 3rd, 2017 by Adweek
The iconic brand is trying to cultivate millennials while still catering to loyalists. Enter gaming.
Measuring Whether Experiential Marketing Works
October 2nd, 2017 by Adweek
As brands see more people use ad blockers and cut the cord altogether, it’s easy to see why Jaguar, Absolut, Mastercard and more are turning to experiential marketing,.
Fearless Girl and McCann Make History at Clios
September 29th, 2017 by The Drum
Randi Zuckerberg introduced the agency’s historic wins for branded content, public relations, events/experiential, OOH, and Innovation during a special presentation.
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