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Original articles from Nelam Patel.
Who Needs a LYFT?
LYFT is an mobile application that was created a year ago in San Francisco. It is an app that allows people to request a “lyft” from regular people around town. Sketchy, huh? Think again. The way LYFT has advertised and promoted themselves has made passengers feel more comfortable with LYFT drivers than any other local transportation around the city. LYFT does an extensive background screen with each candidate (potential driver). While the background screen is in process...

Print is Here to Stay
Does anyone even notice print advertising anymore? Let me rephrase that. Does anyone even care about print advertising anymore? There are a few people left in this world who still thrive on seeing what advertisements are in the weekly newspapers. But for the majority of the world, print advertising is slowly but surely going away.

Is Buzz Bringing Sexy Back?
Who hasn’t had a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios at least once? It’s a cereal that everyone is familiar with for two reasons: Buzz the Bee and low cholesterol. But even with the cute mascot plus the positive health factor, the cereal tends to fade away from consumers' minds. You may ask why that is. Well, it’s because the ads have been the same for decades; generic print ads or commercials that are targeted toward families. The ads have only focused on the mascot, Buzz, or the healthy benefit of the cereal.


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