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Original articles from Slajanna Jean.
Flexibility in Advertising and Pushing the Envelope: Part 2
In Part One of Flexibility in Advertising, we examined the concept of companies, such as Manhattan Mini Storage, pushing the envelope with their ads to capture their audience’s attention. But what these companies are also doing is testing the limits on how far they can go. But really how far can they go? As far as how far is going too far, just think in terms of Newton’s third.

Flexibility in Advertising and Pushing the Envelope: Part 1
Last week, the 2013 P.E.N World Voices Festival of International Literature wrapped up in New York City and one of the biggest highlights of the festival included an insightful panel discussion on boundaries, barriers, and ground breaking in advertising with one of N.Y.C’s own advertising titans. We’re referring to a small company (it literally only services the borough of Manhattan) with a very big impact (and input) on what millions of New Yorkers see every day. Manhattan Mini Storage’s own Archie Gottesman...

Controlling Children's Exposure to Advertising, Mobile Style
Anyone will tell you that being the guardian of any young adult, whether they are your own kids, siblings, or the neighbor's kids you are babysitting down the street, is as high pressured a job as being an anesthesiologist. Let’s be frank; first you must make sure all their basic needs are met; i.e., nourishment, cleanliness, safety, etc. Then you have to make sure the social aspects are in order...

NYPL Celebrates Real MADvertising
It's a mad, ad world. Or at least it will be for fans that have faithfully stood by Don Draper every Sunday at 9 p.m. for six seasons, yet still can't get enough of AMC's hit television show Mad Men. The New York Public Library is jumping in on Mad Men mania by honoring the hit series in all its advertising glory at "The Return of Mad Men" exhibition located in the Mid-Manhattan Library Picture Collection division between now and June 27. True to Mad Men form...


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