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Original articles from Brian Perry.
Nuance's Talking Ads are No April Fools
It might have been April Fools' Day yesterday, but the news coming from Nuance about a new talking mobile ad feature isn’t a prank. Nuance is rolling out a new smartphone ad product named Nuance Voice ads. The gist of the product is quiet simple: ads that you can talk to. “Imagine talking to the Old Spice guy or the Geico gecko,” said Nuance chief marketing officer Peter Mahoney. This would have been an awesome product when I was growing up as I always wanted to talk to the Domino's Noid. With this announcement ad agencies will be quick to try and develop creative that will talk directly to consumers. In a story off of Boston.com by Chris Reidy, Mahoney talked about how the consumer might check a smartphone app while waiting for the bus.

Sexist Ford Ads Leaked
This just in: the Internet can take images and share them across the world. Maybe the ad creative at JWT in India should remember that next time they make a mock up or “scam ads” of woman celebrities bound and gagged in the back of a Ford. This situation now has JWT and Ford doing damage control. One has to ask, what was the creative team at JWT India thinking...

Troubled Waters: A Full-Blown Crisis
A couple of weeks ago I wrote about crisis management for companies. The basis for this post was inspired by the Carnival Triumph crisis and how Carnival responded to it. Well now Carnival has a full-blown crisis at hand. Over the last several weeks, three more Carnival ships have experienced issues while sailing with paying customers.

Vining Your Brand
Now that Vine has been out for a while, brands have started to take notice and integrate Vine into some of their social media outreach. Vine is another way for brands to reach consumers and engage in conversations. But what are brands doing with Vine? Do they know what to do with it? Based on a search of brands such as McDonald's and Starbucks, they have Vine accounts...

Brands are Talking on Social Media, But Are They Saying Anything?
Who among you has logged onto Facebook, Twitter, or another type of social media platform looking to read about your friends' latest adventure, only to find feeds littered with companies posting a gazillion times a day. Okay, so that is a slight exaggeration, but you get the point.

When the Cookies Crumble: Firefox to Disable Third-Party Ads in April
Big news shook the advertising world over the weekend with the announcement that Firefox will be disabling third-party advertising cookies in an upcoming patch slated for an April rollout. Firefox users have been able to manually turn off cookies, but this new patch will allow for it to be set as a default. This should put ad agencies that spend dollars in the digital arena on alert. Agencies most likely have already planned their 2013 digital plans, and with this bombshell they will have to reevaluate.

Carnival, Managing Through a Brand Crisis
By now, mostly everyone knows of the trials and tribulations of the Carnival Triumph. The cruise ship experienced a fire that knocked out power to most of the ship and then spent four days being dragged back to port. In those four days, passengers had to endure sewage, lack of food, and boredom.

Advertising Integrity and 'So God Made a Farmer'
In this blog last week, I discussed the Dodge Ram, Paul Harvey “So God Made a Farmer” ad. I received an email response from a former colleague of mine saying that the Dodge Ram spot was actually done before but in a different way by another company three years prior. In looking at the spot that was produced three years ago, I began to wonder which, if any, spots are original...

Now You Know the Rest of the Story. Or Do You?
With the Super Bowl now a memory those in the marketing industry will start to post reviews about all the Super Bowl commercials that aired. This post is not above this either. In fact this post will be about the Dodge – Paul Harvey “So God Made a Farmer”...


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