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Original articles from Kevin P. Bryce.
Nothing Happens Until Someone Sells Something
It could be the ultimate business mantra. Brilliant and simple. A no-nonsense axiom if there ever was one. Repeat it over and over again. Thomas J. Watson (the former Chairman and CEO of IBM), Peter Drucker (a management consultant and self-described “social ecologist”), and a host of others have been credited with originating this mote of business wisdom. Regardless of its origin, it's important to understand how it impacts each of us as individuals and the culture of business.

Things to Consider Before Hiring An Advertising Firm
Hiring an advertising agency or public relations firm to help you with your marketing and communications does not need to be a confusing or intimidating process. It involves doing a little research and giving each agency the opportunity to meet with you and get to know your specific goals and objectives. Agencies vary in their service offerings. Some work exclusively in web marketing or serve only a certain industry type. Other agencies are generalists. First, create a short list of your current and potential needs.

Apple v. Samsung: Does The Case Benefit The Consumer?
In the recent Apple v. Samsung case the U.S. court passed down a judgment that favored Apple. The case is based on Apple's assertion that Samsung copied portions of the Apple iPhone and iPad operating system/product design features and then incorporated them into similar Samsung phone and tablet products. Apple further asserted that this amounts to theft.


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