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Original articles from Jed Moran.
President Tags Advertising as World's Superhero
Thursday, at the Cannes ad festival or alais des Festivals, President Clinton took the stage to speak to the world of advertising, saying: "I want to leave this earth knowing that my daughter and the grandchildren I hope to have will live in a world where our common humanity matters more than our interesting differences. And I can't think of any other group of people more likely to make it happen..."

Disney Goes Healthy
Sometimes the best advertising involves slimming down. For Disney, that means restricting all “junk food commercials” on all Disney-owned channels — including ABC — during blocks of programming targeted to kids under twelve. But they’re not stopping there. Get ready to see the new “Mickey Check” logo: “Good For You — Fun Too!” It’s a stamp, soon to be seen in grocery stores everywhere, that allows marketers to show they’ve been given the big mouse’s stamp of healthy approval. When most of us think of kids, we can’t help but make a few associations.

There’s no way around it: it’s been a rough road for Yahoo since the days of that oh-so-yodely and very hard to scrape from your ear, “Yahoooo-oo-hooooo” commercial. And just two weeks ago, they lost yet another CEO. Again. But hold on; wait up; maybe a change — as in a good change — is in the air.

The Upfronts: The Death of TV?
If you’re unfamiliar with the Upfronts, it’s a weeklong event in NYC where all the major networks in television put on a show for the advertising world, hoping to reap what they can of the more than $60 billion shelled out each year for commercials. It’s no uncommon thing for networks to blow a cool mil for the one-week affair. Like Alan Wurtzel, president of research/media development at NBCUniversal says, “It’s a chance for us to show ourselves at our best because God knows the reality of ratings will set in soon.”

A Kick in the Nutellas
I call shenanigans. And I call it on the plaintiffs and attorneys who sued Ferrero, the maker of the yummy spread Nutella. The New York Daily News reported last week that Ferrero was forced to settle two class-action lawsuits and now must pay more than $3 million to consumers nationwide. But what’s worse? Ferrero’s been forced to change their marketing scheme. And that, my fellow Americans? That’s not only a kick in the nuts to Nutella but to all of advertising. Hell, to all of The United States of America. (Feeling patriotic yet?) If you’ve heard about this case, prepare to get all angry again. If you haven’t, prepare to get all angry. Here’s verbatim the voice-overed copy that set the whole thing off.

What the Fudge?
Shock value. It’s gotta be one of the oldest tricks in the book. But it takes a lot to get my attention today. I mean, a lot. It takes things like the threat of meeting up with Charlie Sheen in a “bath house” if I don’t get Direct TV. Or — in this case — one of the most wholesome American cookie brands making me think it’s about to drop the “F bomb.” I was sitting in my apartment the other day, a little studio in Los Angeles.


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