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Original articles from Nandini Trivedi.
Lessons from Brands Who Won at Social Media in 2013
2013 has seen some epic triumphs and a few cringe-worthy disasters when it came to how brands used social media. Most brands that did well had one thing in common: They used the inherent traits of social media (interactivity & immediacy) to their advantage. So here are four valuable lessons we can learn from the brands that did it right.

PSA Advertising: Walking the Fine Line
Writing and creating a PSA ad is a lot like walking a tightrope. Tip a little to one side and you're in the territory of offending half the nation; tip to the other, and the ads barely make a blip on the audience's radar. It's a tricky business creating a PSA that's effective and acceptable in the mainstream media like television and print. As creative, you want to shock, expose, terrify, and shake your audience into realizing the realities of these social issues. But how you do this shows how good you are at your craft.

Branded Apps: Getting It Right
If you've walked into a Dunkin; Donuts recently, you've probably seen the Men In Black-themed straws, cups, and donuts. And if you're not in a hurry, you've probably seen a poster that tempts you to buy the new MIB-inspired donut and download an app that lets you capture your own alien. But how many of us going for a Dunkin' run actually want to stop and capture our own alien? Branded apps are a great way for brands to communicate directly with their consumers and maintain their presence on their phones and minds.

Anatomy of the 15-Second Commercial
Blink and it's gone. The 15-second commercial may be short, but it’s here to stay. The number of 15-second television commercials has jumped more than 70% in the past five years according to Nielsen (USA today, 2010). So what makes these bite-sized commercials so effective?

Web Video Advertising: Managing Expectations for Your Brand
The web is not like television. It also not TV with Internet access. The web is more than the sum of its parts. Unlike the television, the web is not merely a tool to access videos. It’s a place; a virtual place where a personalized video viewing experience happens along with conversations, social sharing, and content creation. Therefore, what the web expects from advertising and vice versa should also be different from what we expect from TV.

The Kraft of Social Media Advertising: Lessons From a Brand that Gets It Right
The social media beast is hard to please, with its constantly changing moods, attitudes, and rules. This beast doesn’t really know what it wants but it sure in hell knows what it doesn’t and it’s not afraid to show it. But when it comes to pleasing this beast, nobody does it better than Kraft.

Beyond the Portfolio: How Your Branded Content Can Get You Noticed
In an industry where big creative ideas float around like smoke in Don Draper’s office, it is a particularly challenging task for a newcomer to get his portfolio noticed. Young creatives are battling for the eyes of Creative Directors and recruiters who have pretty much seen everything under the sun.

Branded Doodles: Advertising with Draw Something
If you’re in the advertising industry, then you’ve probably used the phrase “brand engagement” at least once in the last half-hour. Getting the customer to engage and spend time with a brand in a meaningful way is the golden standard of digital advertising. While advertising spending on online games and mobile apps increases exponentially and in-app advertising and sponsorship becomes commonplace, the question remains: Is this engagement meaningful? Floating banners within games or sponsored links within apps often go unnoticed. It’s because the advertisements or messages aren’t truly integrated into the game.


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