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Original articles from Tim Lombardi.
Give It Up, Attack Ads
When it comes to advertising and politics, there seem to be only two schools of thought: Negative and Positive. Ideally, we would all love to see the end of the negative attack ad run by nearly all political platforms. Attack ads are hateful and excessive, but they're also wildly successful. In fact, a candidate with a 1,000-ad advantage over a competitor would only see a 0.5% rise in their favor if they ran on a positive campaign strategy. Even if you're one of those people who groans when one of those dark, negative advertisements interrupts your broadcast...

Leveraging References
Creativity needs its muses. Many times, creatives turn to pop culture to help build their ideas, thus leading them to using a reference. As we all know, as satisfying as landing a reference is in conversation, a missed reference can yield tumultuous results. The same applies to advertising, yet I find myself agreeing with the rationale behind it.

AMC's 'The Pitch'
The previews for AMC’s the Pitch are beginning to air for it’s April 30th premiere. The show looks utterly fascinating. “I have to tell me coworkers!”, being my first reaction, which I could assume, is the same reaction king crab fisherman, ice road truckers, and myth busters alike felt when they first saw their careers as the subject of reality TV.

The Business of Creating Romance
At least thats the business Jaron Lanier, partner architect at Microsoft’s Research Division urges advertisers to remember there in. This became one of the prevalent topics at the 4A’s Transformation LA Conference these past few days. In an event that focused on companies transformation to rapidly adapt to new communication platforms, it was ironically a techies nostalgic push for advertisers to remember their creative roots. Internet technology has given data shotgun in today’s creative process.

Dear Extroverts, Sincerely, Introverts
Extroversion v. Introversion. It's one of the more prevalent divides among the professional workplace. America loves its extroverts. They are outgoing leaders with take-charge attitudes. In advertising, they are the perfect fit for client-relations positions.

Pepsi Next: Expanding a Brand or Stretching it Out?
As PepsiCo is on the verge of unveiling yet another line extension, Pepsi Next, Coca Cola sits idly in the shadows, waiting to see how the market reacts to a new mid calorie soft drink. What is really at stake by stretching a brand to appeal to yet another market segmentation?


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