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Original articles from Christine Amy.
Oh Come All Ye Faithful: The Cannes Hopefuls
It’s that time of the year again in the ad industry; the second coming, the nuclear bomb, the suicide contemplation. A time of plague and ecstasy, a time of life and death, and a time where, for seven consecutive days, the entire creative sector of the ad industry develops a kinship and adoration for cats. Yes; it’s Cannes season, and since chances are most of us will be betting on lions from afar, the vast jungle that is the Internet has begun providing us with insider details, pools, and predictions for who reigns supreme this year.

Good With Words: The Droga5 Touch
Indeed, it is some form of celestial wording drug that the Droga5 crews worldwide seem to be ingesting as a means of opening the creative juice floodgates. With masterpieces like Droga New York’s “After Hours Athelete” Puma spot and Kraft Atheno’s “YiaYia,” Droga definitely seems to be raising the bar.

Insert Straw, Watch for Pits: Brazil Shapes Up Juice
Creatives: we’ve seen, heard, tasted, touched, smelled, kicked, pushed, pulled, gotten bored, and come up with it all. With a somewhat Jack Torrence-esque look on our faces, we greet ideas that we know we’ve seen before with a psychotic grin, instantly assaulting them with a witty insult.

1,001 Ways to Kill Grandma: DraftFCB Argentina's Golden Concept
With so many categories to write and conceptualize about, there seems to be a sequence of good ideas coming from the job site category. Ever since Career Builder decided to give thousands of Americans hope that there are jobs on the planet, it seems the advertising industry’s capability to connect with job hunters flourished into a new age of career planning.

Smart and The Human Pong Game
Oh, how lucky are those who are blessed with communicating the message of a brand that is actually as fun as it wants to claim to be. As it gets harder and harder to find ways to say interesting things about not-so-interesting products, advertising for likeable brands seems to be the new coveted “it” girl.

Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Woo!: The Magic of the Tippexperience Campaign
Brand Engagement. Ah, that dear old phrase we creatives love to hear we’re lacking when, after countless hours of bouncing off the walls and contemplating assisted suicide (even the office janitor seems like a good candidate to help), a client refuses an idea we’ve already married and had children with from the time it was emailed to the second it receives feedback.

Death By Breath
Thanks to the help of Ogilvy Paris, we now know that exhaling warm air into the palms of our hands is not the only way to tell if our breath is failing us. Yesterday, the très créatif shop released their new effort for Tic Tac, and no description could better explain it than “It’s a breath of fresh air."

Don't Move The Tripod
There comes a moment in a creative's life where the dreaded words "fresh idea" seem to unforgivingly haunt our dreams. There's the nail biting, the cold sweats, the pacing back and forth, the slamming of the head against the brainstorming room's dry erase wall, the staring out into the abyss, the toss and turn at night.

Where Have All The Cork Boards Gone?
It's beginning to feel like every month, the world sits anxiously awaiting for one of the many web giants to dig its way up through the dirt, peek out coyly, and utter the words “new social platform.” Technology’s warp speed seems to be redefining Groundhog Day as “what will we think of next?” day. It seems there is a fad for platforms that can allow us to essentially scream out any single thing we feel is important. Enter Pinterest: a crossbreed of social platform and digital bulletin board.

Climate Control or Briefs?
It seems we might very well be praising rather than crying for Argentina this time. After careful consideration, Argentinian creative mecca Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi have nuzzled heads and devised a devilishly good plan of attack for BGH, the country's top-selling air conditioning brand.

KONY Island
In the last couple of weeks, the world seems to have paid attention to something other than being tricked into Timeline on their Facebook accounts. KONY 2012, a simple, concise, and well-made 30-minute documentary about the horror stories inflicted to Uganda by the Lord’s Resistance Party, led by the viciously portrayed Joseph Kony, has begun running through the veins of the major social networks, fueling a frenzy of support, debate, skepticism, and endorsement.

Why Wasn't It Always This Way?
They say there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. In the advertising industry, that pot of gold seems to have recently acquired a first and last name: Ellen DeGeneres. Yes, it appears it is not only daytime television, but also powerful brands that see potential in the comedian/actress’s quirk, wit, and dry yet inexplicably wholesome humor and charm. The company has undergone some major changes

Down Payments Are From Mars...
It seems the availability of creative jobs is not the only thing for which the term “less is more” is used nowadays. Faced with the oh-so-charming and ever-fun task of using the least possible materials and budget for the most attention, an unidentified flying creative tribe has decided to change the rules of real estate.


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