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Original articles from Michael Lindquist.
Best Buy Sick of Second Best
The first-quarter numbers are in, but Best Buy desperately needs to do better to avoid crumbling altogether. Retail stores like Best Buy are in an unfortunate predicament in a day when consumers are buying most of their electronics and gadgets online. Imagine a world where you can buy a television without even putting on your pants.

BK's Red Carpet Campaign
Burger King’s creepy King may have forever scarred us, but our nightmares have turned into wild fantasies with BK’s most recent campaign. The ads feature a sampling of celebrities and some new menu items that aim to entice new customers. After abandoning the disturbing King ads, Burger King made the decision to focus more on their menu.

Hire Me!
Most job seekers claim they would do anything to get a job. After applying, following up, and following up again, it’s always disappointing to learn your dream position has been filled. Were you unqualified or did you just not make a big enough impression? A young Minnesotan took it upon himself to make sure he stood out when he purchased space on an electronic billboard.

The Avengers Smash Opening Weekend
Put down your sissy wand, Harry Potter. The Avengers are here! Marvel’s 'The Avengers' smashed opening weekend, raking in a whopping $200.3 million — the biggest opening weekend in Hollywood history. There were high expectations for the film, and Nick Fury began stirring anticipation for an Avengers initiative in 2008.

Brands: Use Social Media to Follow Trends
Creating original content for your website and social media pages can be tough. Regardless of the goods or services your brand has to offer, it is important to develop a positive relationship with your followers. Facebook and Twitter are the most commonly used channels to connect with potential customers and loyal fans, so remember to update your pages regularly. It is also important to keep up with current events and topical information, whether it’s sports, movies, technology, or politics.

Advertising in the A.M.
There has been much debate over the number of ads we are exposed to in a day. Certain advertisers estimate up in an attempt to better appreciate the clutter they must break through to make their messages count. Skeptics argue that we ignore half the ads we run across, so the number ends up under 100 impressions.

MyRiBiT.com: Advertising's Next Big Thing
The Mark Zuckerberg success story has inspired millions of young entrepreneurs to shoot for the stars and follow their dreams. In the fall semester of 2010, two Kansas State University students set out to create a social networking website that would serve as a one-stop-shop for college students. At MyRiBiT.com, students can download and upload study materials, buy and trade textbooks...

A More Beautiful Ad
After seeing Internet Explorer's "A More Beautiful Web" commercial for the 1000th time during Sunday night's Mad Men, I became more interested in the song that plays during the graphic-heavy, fast-paced ad. It turns out Alex Clare's "Too Close" has been searched for more than once. When I identified the song, I found myself on the Internet Explorer 9 website. The never-ending scrollbar leads you down a disappointing journey through cluttered graphics and pop-up like blurbs.

Ads On Netflix?
Since the beginning, Netflix has avoided advertising like a kid avoids vegetables. Netflix's Vice President, Steve Swasey admits that there have been conversations regarding advertising on the company's streaming services, but the arguments for ads are quickly shot down.

Tebowmania, Part Two
After a wild week in the world of sports, there was one story that rose above the rest. Sports fans weren’t reading about UNC’s injured point guard, Kendall Marshall, or Tiger’s outstanding performance at Bay Hill. Even Peyton Manning’s trade was old news after word broke that Tim Tebow would be traded to the New York Jets, which received an absurd amount of media coverage. The Tebow name has become bigger than the person and pro teams, like advertisers, can take advantage of a big name.

Battle of the Sexes: Pinterest vs. Gentlemint
After seeing the Pinterest logo alongside the Facebook and YouTube icons at the end of a Lowe's commercial, it was clear that Pinterest must be well in front of the male-dominated Gentlemint. Although Gentlemint was inspired by Pinterest, there is a clear winner in the battle of the sexes. Pinterest was not originally intended just for women, but the site has been taken over with feminine content.

Next Exit: More Ads!
College kids and families are packing up the station wagon and gearing up for Spring Break. Family car rides can be stressful without a portable DVD player or some form of entertainment to prevent everyone from killing each other before they get to the Grand Canyon or Disney World. If you're using your trusted Garmin GPS, you can pay more attention to the scenic view of the great American landscape, but billboards and other outdoor advertisements are notorious for bad advertising.

March mADness
Now that March is upon us, advertisers are directing their attention to another national sporting event: March Madness. The NCAA tournament follows shortly after the Super Bowl and is actually seeded second in ad spending behind the NFL post-season. The lucrative month-long event has generated over $4.8 billion since 2001.

The Internal Organs of the Walking Dead Experience
After 16 incredible episodes of AMC's The Walking Dead, television audiences are more engaged than ever. Along with the drama of a post-apocalyptic, zombie infested world, The Walking Dead has done an incredible job with their social media campaigns. The Walking Dead has proven to be one of the most socially engaging cable television shows of 2012.

What If Flo Would Go?
Whether you love her or hate her, Progressive's bubbly pitch-woman Flo has been a major presence in the advertising world. Flo's unforgettable quirkiness and iconic appearance makes her just as recognizable as the Pillsbury Doughboy or Tony the Tiger. Progressive Insurance took their piece of the insurance pie by introducing the character Flo in 2008 and has been going strong well into 2012. The cheery, helpful insurance expert spends her days working in a futuristic and ethereal insurance store. According to James Crolley, "Flo is not going anywhere."

Fresh Fish for MLB: Rebranding the Marlins
When sales are down, companies search for new ways to generate more revenue. There are a number of ways to cut corners, but sometimes companies go through a major marketing makeover. Rebranding can revive a struggling business if it’s done well. As How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson said, “New is always better!” The Miami Marlins, formerly known as the Florida Marlins, unveiled their new look on November 11, 2011. How will the public react to the extreme makeover?

Super Bowl Ads: Too Early or Too Late?
By now, you’ve read plenty of articles about the Super Bowl and the big budget, over-the-top commercials that accompany one of America’s greatest televised events of the year. We have entered a time where each commercial break is filled with a few 30 to 60-second masterpieces.

Jingle All The Way
Whether you are in the shower, on your way to work, or sitting at your desk, advertising is subtly working. You may not realize it, but that annoying song you’ve had stuck in your head for the last three days may have come from a jingle. Jingles, musical images, or audio brands are notorious for being catchy, yet slightly annoying. Great jingles last for decades, while others are heard on local radio stations until the small business’s ad budget runs out. Some in the ad biz may claim that jingles are a thing of the past.

Negative Campaigning: Positively Unacceptable
Election Day is still several months away, but the negative campaigning is well underway. Mitt Romney has already been ridiculed for his attack ads against Newt Gingrich. Ron Paul released an ad going after candidate Rick Santorum. As we get closer to November 4, we’re going to see more electoral slugfests.


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