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Original articles from Jenny Torres.
Step Toward A Healthier Future
"Walk with Walgreens" is a new campaign coming from Arc Worldwide - the marketing service arm of Leo Burnett. It promotes the health and wellness of everyday people on behalf of the Walgeens company. Most people think that in order to be known as "healthy," you either have to be a full-on health nut or you’re a couch potato. Most people don’t even know how to begin to be healthy, and sometimes just quit due to the anxiety and commitment that comes with moving toward a healthier lifestyle. This ad campaign pushes the idea that It’s all about the baby steps, and that walking with Walgreens for support is just the stepping-stone that people need.

Some Rivalries Are Just So Sweet
Since the dawn of time...well, for the greater part...one of the biggest rivals in the MLB has been the New York Yankees versus the Boston Red Sox. The only way to describe this rivalry is how people would describe oil and water: they don’t mix. Marriages have been broken and friendships have been demolished over these teams.

Six Refreshing Short Films
The Sprite Refreshing Films project is a program designed to give young, talented teens the chance to have full writing, creative, production, directing, and editing powers for six short films. Each film will highlight and feature a celebrity along with industry pros to help the teams along the way. All teams get to go through the entire process of what it actually takes to put a short film together.

Sealy Adds a Little Spring To Your Day
Leo Burnett has cleverly created a new approach to mattress sales by reminding us that we do a lot in bed. For the promotion of the Sealy Posturepedic Pure Collection, the agency has three witty commercials focused on a simple concept: “Whatever you do in bed, Sealy supports it.”

Wild Tea Vodka? Yes Please!
Absolut Vodka has just released a new brand of fancy vodka with the name Wild Tea. Never would I think that “tea” could be mixed with vodka, but this generation is full of trendsetters and Absolut is one of the frontrunners for concocting supernatural blends. Absolut Wild Tea combines tea, elderflower, red apples and citrus. The real superstar of this blend is definitely the Oolong Tea (street name: black dragon), which has a fresh aroma and can moonlight as a “sweet tea” but with vodka. Absolut also highlights creative and interesting people and designs in their advertising and product. Trust me, this branding is way more advanced than your six-pack in the fridge.

Get a Taste of HumanKind
Attention all young creatives, not-so-young creatives, and creatives who are young at heart: Leo Burnett has recently published a new book titled HumanKind. Written by chief executive officer Tom Bernardin and global chief creative officer Mark Tutssel, this book is about people, purpose, and creating acts, not ads. HumanKind gives the reader an inside look into how their creative teams approach popular brands.

Creative Gurus Serve Some Seriously Sweet Copy
The creative gurus from Mother NY have graced us with their genius and put forth a truly “raw” campaign for Sugar in the Raw and Stevia in the Raw. What’s so special about this campaign? Oh, nothing much, except big, bold, and beautiful headlines dominate the entire page plus some hilariously long copy -- a young writer's dream. With the clever tagline “It’s Only Natural”, the campaign offers the truth about how food and Sugar in the Raw are a part of everyday life. From binge eating baked goods to overpaying for a fancy coffee drinks, Sugar in the Raw mixes up recipes that will make you feel less guilty.

Diet Coke Goes Ape for Coco
Diet Coke has taken a break from their regularly scheduled advertising to back a real cause. Step back Pepsi Refresh Project, Diet Coke has joined forces with TBS and is a front for Team Coco. For those who unaware, Team Coco is the followers/stalkers of late-night favorite Conan O’Brien. Since the ending of his famed late-night show, O’Brien has kept his fans on the edge of their seats waiting for his new show on TBS. Finally, his new show debuts at 11 p.m. on TBS. As a little teaser, Diet Coke has funded the quickest late night show on TV, the “Show Zero."

The 'Golden' Gal With the Midas Touch
As white-hot as her frosted 1960s 'do, Betty White remains on fire. For more than 60 years, she has been America’s Sweetheart (version 2.0), paving the way for elderly stars to say inappropriate things. As if her career wasn’t already something to envy, White, at 88, is more popular than ever. From playing an overly sexed-up grandma in movies to hosting "Saturday Night Live," she has been in demand and marketers have jumped aboard to capitalize. Most women her age play gin rummy with their friends and are grateful to see the grandkids on weekends. White hangs out with A-List celebrities and gets paid to cuss.

Grassroots Campaign Gives Five to Five
In September, Tom’s of Maine, an organic products company, launched their “50 States for Good” contest. After nearly 100,000 consumer votes, 60 different organizations dropped to 41 and now to the final five.

Hennessy Blends a New Drink With a Hint of Music
It is no surprise that music and alcohol have gone hand in hand through the years. You’re at the club, you have a drink, you hear a hot track, and you have a memorable moment. Musicians have been quick to penetrate the alcohol market by coming out with their own brand of liquors. This has sparked an interest for major labels like Southern Comfort, Grey Goose, and Hennessy to step up their game and host some many major concerts around the world.

The Smallest Film Festival in the Making
What are you are doing with your phone? Downloading super awesome apps? Streaming episodes and watching them on the bus? Well, while you are living in the Stone Age, the Nokia Nseries dared its consumers to show what else they can do with their phones, and they are taking the challenge head-on.

Mountain Dew Lets Others Get Their Creative Juices Flowing
In July, Mountain Dew launched their brand new “Green Label Art” campaign. This unique campaign let unknown street artists and bands design their own individual Mountain Dew bottles. More than 20 contemporary artists collaborated to make a jaw-dropping series of Mountain Dew bottles that truly were one-of-a-kind designs.

Domino's Clings to a Stale Marketing Recipe
Domino’s Pizza's attachment to its customers is almost like that significant (or insignificant) other who constantly asks, “Are you OK? Is everything OK? You still like me right? We are good, right?” The desperation in the new push for a better Domino’s pizza is starting to get a little stale and frankly, a little too clingy. For those who don’t know, in the past year, Domino’s revamped their entire view on what real pizza is and set forth to change their product.

Advertising Efforts That Bring Health to the Table
It's 2010, and in case you haven’t noticed, we are a generation of change. Sure, we don't have flying cars, jet packs, or teleportation devices, but futuristic ideas have emerged. Where are these futuristic ideas blossoming? The idea of "de-junking fast food" spreads like wildfire, and 4food is the fire-starter.

Join the New Tribe of 'Warriors'
The movement for efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly products always has been in demand. Corporations have tried to monopolize on the idea to “save the world” for generations but seem to leave people wondering where that money trail leads. Who really sees the tail end of going green? The majority has lost some faith in these eco-friendly products, but some influential companies, such as Sambazon, may be paving a new path. With the help of Mutt Industries, Sambazon has unleashed the power of the acai ("ah-sah-EE") berry in their “Warrior Up” campaign.


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