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The Best Advertising Comes in Truth
The days of product puffery are over. I think it’s because we’ve developed a pessimistic and sarcastic outlook toward the world in order to shield us all from looking happy go lucky and thus, stupid. These days, telling everyone why your product “glistens and sparkles” doesn’t reach the core of consumers like it used to. Whatever the reason may be for our cynical new attitudes, advertising must reflect society’s mood. Our audience wants honesty.

The Power Struggle in the Agency-Client Paradigm
You’re just a few short hours from deadline, and every tick on the clock is a jab at your creative confidence. The client has already told you to simply use what works; don’t be too creative. This obstacle becomes more and more daunting. We’ve all been there. The client knows what they want: safety. You, the advertising and marketing specialist, know what they need, and we need to fight for that.

The Pros of Pro Bono
I recently read an article that made me sit back in my chair and take stock. The article was about a Texas-based advertising agency that had lost much of their existing business amid the recession and was struggling to procure new acquisitions. This situation isn’t too far from my reality or any other advertising agency's right now. Rather than continuing to fight an uphill battle, this agency chose to reach out to those in need. The agency began working pro bono accounts for local charities and nonprofit organizations.

The Swinging Pendulum of the Advertising Jingle
Advertising jingles are something that we love to hate but secretly hate to love. We hum them at bus stops and sing them in the shower. Sometimes (when done correctly), we even associate the correct brand with the right emotion every time we begin into “Ba duh da da da, I’m lovin’ it.” Why are these seemingly simple and oft idiotic ditties so catchy? Where did they come from? Furthermore, how have they been so persuasive in advertisements for just short of a century? It began in the 1930s with a Wheaties radio ad a local station implemented.

The Power of a Great Ad Campaign
Before delving into the main portion of this article, I’d first like to clearly define what I mean by the term "great." In the sense of advertising, it refers to an ad or campaign that transcends time and trends. It describes a truly creative and inspiring idea that has enough emotional, logical, or persuasive rhetoric to consistently move large portions of consumers to act. Simply put, it has zing. What can great marketing campaigns achieve for a brand?

The Pitfalls of Shock Value
Sex! Now that I’ve got your attention, let me tell you something that you probably won’t remember. Shock-value advertising is still out there and certainly isn’t in short supply these days. Every viral video on YouTube is meant to push the limits of an outlandish, and at times, absurd, connection between a situation and a brand or product. All are amusing, moderately cute, and somewhat enjoyable the first 17 times you see them.

Where Did Obama's PR Go?
While the public, namely Republicans, have accused our president of (insert Obama criticism here) since the moment his name appeared on the ballot, the Obama PR team lead the presidential race with one of the best campaigns through the use of immaculate public relations and infallible advertising. Since his inception, however, the attacks have continued, but the defense has all but disappeared. Where did Obama’s PR go?


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