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Allbirds vs Amazon and Sustainability
Amazon is notorious for brazenly making cheaper lookalikes of popular products on the market, from Warby Parker glasses to the Instant Pot. The retail giant’s latest target? Allbirds.

The Next Industry Ripe for Disruption: Toilet Paper
Meet the artisanal toilet-paper startups taking on Big Tissue. Would you pay $3 for a “farm to bathroom” toilet roll?

Ideo Wants to Rebrand Hacker Stock Photos
Ideo has announced a “cybersecurity visuals challenge.” The contest aims to "reimagine a more compelling and relatable visual language for cybersecurity."

Megan Rapinoe Co-Founds New Inclusive Design Lifestyle Brand
Re—inc’s nonbinary brand puts the soccer stars within a broader movement toward creating inclusive clothes and products.

Mattel Looks to Reinvent Hot Wheels
As the world's #1 selling toy, the average U.S. child owns 50 Hot Wheels, according to Mattel. Now they're looking to reinvent themselves for today's kids.

Snoop's Weed Company Launches an Agency
Gram by Gram is a cannabis-specific ad and branding agency aiming to both build weed brands and help mainstream marketers tap into the cannabis market.

Google Just Released 53 Gender Fluid Emoji
The 53 updated, gender ambiguous emoji are part of a beta release for Pixel phones this week - they’ll come to all Android Q phones later this year.

What Design Tools Get Wrong
Modern design tools–both the vector and code kind–are amazing pieces of software that in recent years have transformed the design profession.

Helvetica Gets a Makeover
Monotype–the owner of Helvetica–has spent the past two years creating a fix for its shortcomings. The result is called Helvetica Now, and it’s available now for licensing.

Spotify Is On To Us. Took Long Enough.
Spotify has noticed some people claiming they’re in a family yet not actually living together and has reportedly asked some subscribers for their GPS locations to prove they in fact reside in the same household.

Glossier Rolls Out New Brand: Play
The beauty startup–known for helping women create a no-makeup aesthetic–is launching an entirely new makeup brand called Glossier Play.

Political Candidates Suddenly Care About Design
With the exception of Barack Obama, candidates have rarely invested in original design.

Beauty Brands Join CVS Photoshop Ban
Dubbed CVS Beauty Mark, the two-year-long effort involves a watermark alerting consumers that models had not been Photoshopped.

Serena Williams' New Tech-Infused Gatorade Ad
The tennis legend talks about creating good ads, why she’s pitching Gatorade, and what makes a successful brand partnership.

How Goldfish Crackers Took Over the World
The snacks we munched on after soccer practice have become a worldwide phenomenon, with huge sales growth and a ridiculous variety of flavors.

Google Introduces New In-Game Playable Ads
The idea is that users will play these built-in games in the hopes of unlocking something special inside of a game they’re already in.


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