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Disney's Tricky Marketing for 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'
When The Last Jedi hits theaters on Friday, it will be the third Star Wars movie in as many years, twice the rate of theatrical output as either of the previous trilogies.

Lessons From the Biggest Brand Fails of 2017
Ever watch a particularly bad ad and wonder how it could have possibly made it past a team (teams!) of creatives and brand professionals, let alone out into the world?

Santa Meets the Sharing Economy in Coke’s New Christmas Ad
Despite its length (over three minutes!), the film’s a surprisingly snackable piece of self-deprecating modernity meeting The Polar Express.

Columbia's ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Jackets Sold Out in Minutes
Designed to “keep you warmer than a tauntaun,” the three jackets were based on those worn on the icy planet of Hoth by protagonists Luke, Leia and Han. And sold out in one day.

A-B Ordered 40 Self-Driving Trucks from Tesla
Anheuser-Busch announced it has reserved 40 self-driving electric semi-trucks from Tesla for its fleet. It’s one of the highest-profile orders by a major brand since Tesla unveiled the vehicles.

The Story Behind Steak-umm’s Hilarious Twitter Account
If you’re not following Steak-umm on Twitter yet, you should get on that. The brand’s amusingly strange account has amassed just 4,593 followers as of this writing.

How the Budweiser Clydesdales Became a Force in Holiday Marketing
The Clydesdales have appeared at parades and festivals, at football games and presidential inaugurals, and—right about now—on the snowy, feel-good holiday TV spots that Budweiser has run since the 1970s.

Inside W+K's Evolution for the New Economy
W+K has a won some of the key reviews launched this year by big-name tech brands. One example is Lyft, which hired W+K’s New York office as its lead creative agency this spring.

Spotify's Outdoor Holiday Ads Are Hilarious
Ready to make some early New Year’s resolutions? Of course you’re not. But Spotify has some fun suggestions regardless, based on the amusingly peculiar habits of its user base.

M&M’s Unwraps a Sequel to Its Iconic Christmas Ad
As you might recall, Santa Claus faints dead away when he unexpectedly encounters two colorful M&M’s spokescandies in BBDO’s classic TV spot from 1996.

Challenger Brands and How They're Changing Consumers
From Afar to Blue Apron, upstarts look to upset the status quo, changing the way we shop, eat, travel and more.

Can Showroom Brands Save Brick-and-Mortar Shopping?
MM.LaFleur isn’t just an alternative to the traditional, often hectic realm of clothes shopping—it’s one of several showroom brands in its ascendancy.

Toyota Wants To Be Known As a Mobility Company
With the kickoff of its “Start Your Impossible” campaign earlier this month, the Japanese automaker has put the world on notice that it is now a mobility company.

PlayStation and BBH Create Epic Star Wars Ad
BBH New York stages a flirtatious and long-running rivalry in this Sony PlayStation ad supporting the launch of EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II, which drops Nov. 17.

Lowe's Creates 17 Minute Reality-TV Style Ad
The retailer created an Escape Room and challenged four DIYers to build their way out.

Not All Influencers Are Created Equal
38 percent of marketers are unable to tell whether influencer activity actually drives sales. Brands must be cognizant of the fact that not all influencers are created equal.

Jägermeister Attempts Bold Rebrand
Jägermeister is fully aware of how it’s been perceived over the past several decades—and how it’s been celebrated at frat parties on college campuses across the country.

Amazon’s Holiday Ad Is One of Its Cutest Yet
Last year, Amazon made one of the most noteworthy ads of the holiday season, a lovely spot celebrating the friendship—and the likeminded gift giving—of a vicar and an imam.

Twitter Officially Rolling Out 280 Character Tweets
After beginning to test out 280-character tweets in September, Twitter is rolling out tweets with double the number of characters for (almost) all users.

Prediction: 2018 Will Bring Chief Growth Officers, Not CMOs
CMOs have to adapt to this shifted landscape and become engineers of growth rather than architects of campaigns and communications tactics.

Amazon Consolidates $1B+ Media Buying with IPG
After launching a review this summer, Amazon is consolidating its global media planning and buying duties with the IPG Mediabrands network.

How Dannon Made Yogurt Mainstream in America
In the mid-1970s, many Americans—reared on red meat and convenience foods—still considered the fermented milk product to be a little fringy. They saw no reason to eat yogurt.

A Rundown of All Your Favorite 80's Brands Featured in Stranger Things 2
The creators The Duffer Brothers have included even more brands this time around, spotlighting everything from 3 Musketeers to KFC (or Kentucky Fried Chicken, as it was then known).

Philips Campain 'Mothers Energy' is Pretty Amazing
How does Mom find all the strength to do what she does? She’s chasing kids around, managing house (and everything that comes with), and maybe she works.

KFC Followed 11 Herbs and Spices on Twitter
The chain's secret recipe is famously made up of 11 herbs and spices.

Nike Ad Featers Lebron James Out for Revenge
LeBron James Is Out for Revenge in This Epic Nike Ad Voiced by Idris Elba. He's 'On a mission' after last season's Finals loss.

Mars 'Bite Size' Horror Films Are Brilliant Branding
Viewers watching various Fox networks over the past week have been visited by some strange and chilling advertising just in time for Halloween.

Burger King Trolls Wendy's This Time, on Twitter
Burger King dug up a bunch of tweets from people complaining about Wendy’s and turned them into ads

West Elm Launches First TV Ads
West Elm’s First TV Ads Capture Your Ascent to Adulthood in Slo-Mo. 'Get house proud,' says Humanaut campaign.

Burger King Trolls McDonald’s With a Hilarious Ad
It’s not just the usual competition between two fast-food chains, because this time, Stephen King and his favorite evil clown are involved.

Las Vegas is Helping the City Heal With 2 Lines of Perfect Copy
The ads are all over town, from digital billboards at the airport to the famous marquee displays outside the major hotels and casinos. Two lines of white copy on a black background.

Chili’s Brings Back Its ‘Baby Back’ Jingle
An earworm since 1986, Chili’s jaunty jingle gets its first airing since 2015, when it was used as the soundtrack for the chain’s 40th anniversary.

Harley-Davidson Wooing Millennials Via Mobile, Digital
The iconic brand is trying to cultivate millennials while still catering to loyalists. Enter gaming.

Measuring Whether Experiential Marketing Works
As brands see more people use ad blockers and cut the cord altogether, it’s easy to see why Jaguar, Absolut, Mastercard and more are turning to experiential marketing,.

Mailchimp's Online Campaign: We Are Your 2nd Brain
This is your brain on MailChimp. Except it’s not your brain, but a second brain, working alongside yours to handle various time-consuming marketing tasks.


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