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What You Need to Know About the Net Neutrality Repeal
The FCC is set to roll back Obama-era regulation protecting an open internet. Here's a quick rundown to help you understand the issues.

Your Mac May Be Insanely Easy to Break Into
The latest version of Appleā€™s software has a glaring hole in it: You can log in with just the username "root."

Samsung Mocks Apple in Latest TV Spot
In a new ad, Samsung returns to the attack on Apple, as it laughs at the iPhone, and the last 10 years. Even the iPhone X's infamous notch.

Google Home Should Stop Chasing Alexa
Google is expected to unveil a device similar to the Amazon Echo Dot today, but it has the pieces in place to do more.

Alexa now works in Amazon Music on iPhone and Android
Alexa's understanding of natural language gives you the option to say things like "play the new song by..." or "play the song that goes..."

Snapchat Filters for Funerals?
Many people set up special filters for birthdays, graduations and weddings. Funerals are just a logical, if unusual, next step.

The Life, Death and Resurrection of Teddy Ruxpin
Born in 1985, the storytelling bear was the world's first animatronic toy. It was a smash hit as soon as he landed on shelves.

iPhone 8, iPhone X, AppleTV 4K and All Apple Announced
Here's everything you missed from Apple's event at the new Steve Jobs Theater.

NES Classic will return to stores in 2018
The popular retro-inspired console has risen from the dead.

AppleTV 4k: What to Expect Tuesday
A new streaming box is likely to be unveiled alongside new iPhones.

The Quest to Make Alexa More Human
Amazon is already figuring out ways to make Alexa more conversational, allowing her to remember more about you and carry on longer chats.

Bud Light Channeled #GoT In Latest Spot
In a new ad, perfectly timed to coincide with the "Game of Thrones" series finale Sunday, the beer manufacturer offered a perfectly natural setting for its product.


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