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Tumblr Announces Digital Literacy Program
Yesterday, Tumblr announced a new digital literacy initiative in order to “help empower its community and the next young generation of internet citizens recognize suspicious online activity and behavior.”

Pornhub is Selling a Lifetime Membership on Black Friday
The adult streaming service announced that it is offering a limited time "LifePlan" — which is a lifetime membership — for a one-time fee of $299.

Drivetime Launches Jeopardy App for Your Commute
To play, you listen to Trebek and Clue Crew member Sarah read out clues with three possible answers. Shout out the correct one and collect money points.

This 'Russian Doll' Twitter Fan Account is Awesome
"Thursday. What a concept." It's a line is so iconic that it inspired 22-year-old Megan Sergison to create @thursaconcept, a heroic fan account.

Facebook, Google, More Join Forces to Fight Online Extremism
Some of the largest tech companies in the world have signed on to a new agreement to fight terrorism and violent extremism: Christchurch Call to Action.

A Sneak Peek At the New Instagram Features
Instagram has been busy testing several new features, including a "close friends" feature, GIF search, and the ability to follow specific hashtags the way you'd follow an account.

Brands and Corny Eclipse-Themed Promotions
As the world prepares for the moon to completely cover the sun next week, brands are elbowing to get their eclipse-themed promotions in front of you.


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