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Porsche Campaign Targets Young Drivers
Two Porsche owners show their love for the brand—and each other—by getting married in the backseat of a Cayenne traveling 70+mph.

Trader Joe's, Costco Top Customer Experience Study
When it comes to making American shoppers happy, three new reports reveal that the basics of customer experience aren’t changing much, despite shifts in channels: People just want to feel appreciated.

Ad Industry Finally Shifting Portrayals of Men
Today's culture is moving away from years of the same ideology of masculinity: Men getting rich, getting laid, according to futurist Faith Popcorn.

Unilever Bans Influencers Who Buy Followers
As part of its push for greater transparency and to combat fraud, Unilever said that the company would no longer work with influencers who buy followers.

Super 8 Debuts Concept Car for Auto Shows
The brand is the first hospitality company to create a concept vehicle and display it at an auto show.

Lexus is Enjoying Huge Success of "Black Panther"
Lexus chose correctly when it signed on 18 months ago to play an integral part of Disney’s “Black Panther,” where the main character drives a Lexus LC 500.

CES 2018: Battle for Consumer Engagement
Who will own the consumer? Each year, the battlefield shifts. It’s the flatscreen, it’s mobile, it’s the Internet of Things, it’s virtual/augmented reality.

Logan Paul Controversy Highlights YouTube Brand Safety Concerns
The outrage about a video uploaded by YouTube creator Logan Paul over the weekend has brought to the forefront more brand safety concerns about the Google-owned video site.

Fox to Air Live Ad for "Greatest Showman" During "A Christmas Story"
Pushing the envelope for new live TV commercials, Fox Broadcasting will air what it says is the first-ever live TV commercial for a feature film -- the 20th Century Fox Film movie "The Greatest Showman."

M&M's Returning to the Super Bowl
Mars Wrigley announced that M&M’s, which has been absent from the Super Bowl for three years, will be back in 2018, with a 30-second spot.

T-Mobile Announces "Netflix On Us" Partnership
The carrier is linking with Netflix, offering to provide the streaming service’s basic subscription at no extra cost for those who subscribe to T-Mobile One family plans.

ANA: Bot Fraud Estimated at $6.5B in 2017
Advertising spending should increase by 10% or more this year, but a study released ANA)and White Ops estimates the economic losses due to bot fraud at $6.5 billion globally in 2017.

Commission-based Comp Model Rebounding for Agencies
After years of erosion, Madison Avenue’s original media commission-based compensation system is making a comeback, albeit marginally, according to just-released findings.


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