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Step Toward A Healthier Future
By: Jenny Torres
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"Walk with Walgreens" is a new campaign coming from Arc Worldwide - the marketing service arm of Leo Burnett. It promotes the health and wellness of everyday people on behalf of the Walgeens company. Most people think that in order to be known as "healthy," you either have to be a full-on health nut or you’re a couch potato. Most people don’t even know how to begin to be healthy, and sometimes just quit due to the anxiety and commitment that comes with moving toward a healthier lifestyle. This ad campaign pushes the idea that it’s all about the baby steps, and that walking with Walgreens for support is just the stepping-stone that people need.
"Walk with Walgreens" has a simple concept and goal: just getting people out there and moving. Just think that instead of driving, how about walking? Walking can be one of the most fundamental exercises out there and can make a big impact in your everyday life. Walk with a buddy for a couple of blocks, push that baby stroller around, or choose a further parking spot. Walgreens and Arc Worldwide dare everyone to make a commitment to be healthier, log steps online, and receive healthy coupons and rewards from top companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Lifetime Fitness, Famous Footwear, and more.
Every big movement starts off with someone putting one foot in front of the other and making a difference, and Walgreens is out to prove it. A main theme for our current culture is definitely “awareness.” We are a society that is becoming more aware of our health, the products we use, the decisions we make, and the future we are setting up for our children’s children. It’s a beautiful concept and it all begins with making sure your health and mind is 100%, so you can go out there and change the world.
The following videos below can help you get the stepping in the right direction. Happy walking!



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About the Author

Jenny Torres is a freelance writer for Demand Studios and an aspiring copywriter for the masses.

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