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Now Forget Everything We Ever Said
By: Alexander Villeneuve
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A couple years ago, Buick decided to shift gears and rebrand their cars to be sportier and market them to a younger demographic. Currently, they're running a flashy set of ads for its Regal Turbo CXL model. The ads acknowledge that "turbo" hasn't exactly been the story of Buick in the past; however, eventually we will get used to hearing them together. 

Buick, believing in the power of advertising, is trying to manufacture a completely different perception about its cars. However, the power of advertising doesn't come from being seen or heard, it comes from being believed. Yet the story most people believe about Buick is that they're very nice elegant cars that our grandparents drove. What's wrong with that? Older folks need to drive too. And when they do they rarely get pulled over for speeding.

Buick can show Regal Turbo's driving through fictitious winding mountainous roads all day, but until this is reinforced in on the actual roads they message is lost. The reason is consumers are wise enough to realize that life doesn't mimic advertising. Life mimics life; most consumers behave and buy like their peers do. With that in mind, the question becomes: "Why does a younger person want to drive a Buick?" If the answer is that Buicks now come with turbo, they better hope brands like BMW and Lexus suddenly stop making cars with turbo, too.

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