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Application Aims to Help Socialites Save Face
By: Jeff Louis
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There's no question that drinking excessive amounts of alcohol is the bane of our society. Think of all of the dollars spent to prevent us from killing ourselves -- and others -- after imbibing spirits. From police roadblocks and sobriety checks to awareness campaigns across the nation, drunken behavior, while tolerated, is under the national microscope, and entities from local and state governments, corporate America, and even the White House continue to disparage what was once simply "having a few too many." 

Lately, since we've all become social animals (at least online and via smart phones), a new front's opened up in the drunken behavior arena. Monetized websites, suToo_Drunk_to_Postch as "Texts from Last Night" have sprung up and sell advertising to users who visit the site to see what kind of random text messages were sent the night before. Not to mention that there are now "devices" to help keep us from doing ourselves harm while in a drunken stupor.

Much like Google's "Mail Goggles," a new application developed as a plug-in for Firefox users will help Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, YouTube, MySpace, and other social media destination users from sending out drunken wall posts, images, and tweets by requiring users to take a sobriety test before sending anything out.

Those in danger of embarrassing themselves, co-workers, and families simply need to set up the hours that they are at their most vulnerable for getting sloshed, and the application requires the user to take a test prior to committing any foolishness. Webroot, an online security company, developed the "Social Media Sobriety Test" plug-in.

According to the site, "Nothing good online happens after 1 a.m." The software is available for free on the site. Users simply download the app, take a test to prove they're of "sound mind," set it, and forget it, at least until the wee hours of a future Friday morning. 

In all, five sobriety tests will be served up randomly. If you pass, you're free to post away; fail, and the Social Media Sobriety test posts for you! As if we needed more convincing, Webroot provides a serious video on this growing societal and social media problem.


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