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How Far Would You Go for a Job?
By: Jeff Louis
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With the economy still uncertain, or slowly beginning to rise out of the ashes, many Americans still are unemployed. Although there seem to be more jobs available, the trickle down of two straight quarters of gain hasn't cut into the nine percent unemployment rate still prevalent in many major cities. For many who have been out of work for a year or more, these are truly desperate times and begs the question: How far would you go to keep your current job or land a new one?

In August, IndiGo Airlines, India's youngest and fastest-growing (21 million passengers in four years), launched a new branding initiative. Tapping into the talents of an established fashion designer and stylist, India's low-fare carrier revealed a chic, retro-type look. It's a styling statement that redesigns the airline's image, including new outfits, caps, and even makeup guidelines. Stewardesses who want to keep this status have the choice of getting their hair cut into a stylish bob or donning a wig while at work.  

Complete makeovers aren't new to branding initiatives, but this might be the first time that employees are presented with wigs as part of their daily job garb. According to the stylist who partnered with the airline, IndiGo wanted the crew project a "young and international" persona; long hair or hair buns just wouldn't fit with the airline's new image. The wigs were a last-minute decision as some attendants resisted chopping their hair to sport the new 'do. The wigs, according to the stylist, are a "short wedge cut" that "makes them [attendants] look smarter and younger."  

Attendants now find that it's an easy, practical option. According to crew members, wearing a wig saves time when getting ready for work, and the attendants don't have to use products that might damage their hair over time. 

According to an airline press release, the new clothes are "between a tennis and a shirt dress, the tunic is bi-colour … navy with a highlight of indigo on the belt. Functional and timeless elegance, the new uniform is "no nonsense" in line with the spirit of the airline." The hat is the airline's blue color, and the first "lid" to be worn by airline attendants in India. The women's new style is subtle, but it hearkens upon vintage airline images.
After the uniform was determined, the airline's makeup artist mimicked the look sported by models in an IndiGo Airlines TV spot created by Weiden+Kennedy, with pink and nude makeup and brick-red lipstick and nail polish.


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