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Buns Intended: KFC Calls on Coeds
By: Jeff Louis
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KFC_CollegeCampusRemember that fried chicken sandwich KFC introduced over the summer? The KFC Double Down is two original recipe chicken breasts with two pieces of bacon and two slices of Monterey Jack and Pepper Jack cheese, plus some of the Colonel's Special Sauce. It seemed to stray from KFC's foray into healthier chicken offerings, namely the baked chicken breast that made headlines when Oprah Winfrey offered a free one to, well, everyone. 

In a move to promote the Double Down, KFC announced it's taking the bun-less offering to college campuses and promoting it using another pair of buns, namely those of female students wearing "Double Down" written across their backsides.

Serving as human billboards, or ambassadors, the women wear the clothes and give away gift checks to other students on campus. For their efforts, they'll be rewarded $500. Coeds who are interested in becoming the Colonel's ambassadors should contact the company on Facebook and submit their desire to sport KFC's message.

KFC has a brand image problem among younger Americans and recently launched a campaign to resurrect the image of Col. Sanders, whose face once was listed among the most recognizable visages in the United States. Although the the two promotions differ in execution, they're both focused on the same goal of rebuilding brand image.

You have to give the restaurant chain credit for "thinking outside the bun," but the campaign is relatively limited in scope, reportedly launching on three college campuses. KFC also is encouraging Double Down fans to unite and show their loyalty to the one-of-a-kind sandwich by joining the “Order of the Double Down” via a new KFC Facebook page. 

Not surprisingly, the restaurant's promotion already has drawn criticism from activist groups that claim the effort is sexist. Do these activists ever watch TV?

In any event, the campaign has been a hit on Facebook, registering 627 comments -- most from college coeds offering to do the Double Down proud, and more than 180 likes. The video, below, from Newsy, details the promotion's recent coverage. 



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