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KFC Asks Artists to Revive Colonel Sanders
By: Jeff Louis
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During the past couple of years, KFC (formerly Kentucky Fried Chicken) has struggled with their brand's image. Fried chicken or baked? KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken? Colonel or no colonel? 

Some of the company's recent efforts made headlines, while well-intentioned, KFC found themselves on the negative side of public sentiment after their coupon deal with Oprah went over too well. Although memorable, it's in the past.

To a certain extent, the famous restaurant chain's past is being rejuvenated. Colonel Harland Sanders, the man who founded the world's largest chicken chain at 65, is long gone. However, to commemorate what would be his 120th year, KFC is set to launch a year-long publicity campaign, according to a press release on the company's website.

On the heels of a survey showing that 60 percent of adults between the ages of 18 and 25 couldn't identify the once-famous colonel on a bucket of chicken (52 percent believed his image was a corporate icon), KFC is reintroducing "the life and legacy of Colonel Sanders."

To many, Col. Sanders' entrepreneurial story is legend; the elderly man received a social security check for $105 and used it to build a restaurant that grew to become a global chain.

“Colonel Sanders wasn’t Kriss Kringle, Father Time, or Uncle Sam,” said John R. Neal, longtime KFC franchisee. “He was a living, breathing, wildly successful entrepreneur who impacted our national cuisine. The Colonel was a marketing genius, even though he had only a sixth grade education. I’m really proud that we are embarking on this effort to celebrate his many accomplishments.”

To get the public involved, KFC is calling on creative talent nationwide to create a piece of art that will commemorate Col. Sanders; however, artists must complete their artwork using special paint that incorporates the famous "11 herbs and spices" the restaurant uses in their chicken recipe.

Interested artists can upload their renditions of Col. Sanders to www.kfc.com/portrait or via e-mail to kfc.publicrelations@kfc.com.

The winner will be commissioned to paint an updated portrait of Col. Sanders. He or she also will receive $1,100 ($100 for each herb/spice contained in the original recipe). The finished work will hang next to Rockwell's classic portrait in the lobby of KFC's headquarters in Louisville, KY.


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