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American Express Expands 'Booming' Campaign
By: Jeff Louis
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American Express recently announced their "Booming" campaign, a salute to -- and aid for -- American business owners. The concept highlights inspiring real-life stories of large and small business owners who differentiate themselves through innovation and their ability to adapt to and adopt business practices to the fluctuating economy. They use management tools provided by OPEN that benefit their respective businesses, employees, and communities.  

To business owners, "Booming" takes on different meanings as their businesses change and grow, and although American Express may not have all of the answers all of the time, they're working to help business owners build business.

The campaign just entered its second phase, highlighting the stories of entrepreneurs; two spots are running, with the first, featuring Divya Gugani,owner of culinary site called Behind the Burner. The second shows the story of Ahmed Mady, owner of Paragon Remodeling.

For Gugnani, "Booming" means getting paid faster. Successful with social media (she reached 140,000 site subscribers in two years), Gugnani found that the money necessary to keep up with the thriving business wasn't as accessible as her fan base. She began using one of OPEN's services, AcceptPay to provide her clients with a diverse array of options in which to pay for her company's services. Now, according to American Express, she's receiving money three weeks sooner.

For Mady, owner of Paragon Remodeling, "Booming" means being able to give back. After building more than 500,000 reward points using his AMEX to purchase building supplies, Mady channeled those points to a good cause: He donated enough material to help build a home for a family of 14.

While the economic fluctuations continue to occur in the U.S., many would-be business owners tend to view prospects for success with some skepticism. With the help of American Express' OPEN management tools, however, managing a business may be easier than ever.


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