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Microsoft's Latest Ad Leaves Viewers Seeing Double
By: Jeff Louis
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Double_Rainbow_ImgRemember the "Double Rainbow Guy"? If you saw him, how could you forget? Basically, the video's premise is that some hiker is walking through a wooded area in Yosemite National Park and comes across a stretch where he can see for miles.

Lo and behold, a rainbow paints the sky over the hilly, mountainous terrain. The man, who has his trusty video camera with him, films one of nature's spectacular sights, only to find that there's not one, but two rainbows. Excited, the man -- one Paul Vasquez -- wonders aloud what the double rainbow means and begins to cry.

I know; it's ridiculous. The video went on to achieve viral status (12 million views) and inspired songs, late-night talk show skits, and now, perhaps, a fortune for the "Double Rainbow Guy." Once you've viewed the video, you note it seems that Vasquez is either so open and innocent that he defies cultural norms, or he's crazy. Well, it seems to me he's not crazy.

According to Microsoft, Vasquez now is featured in their online video ads to promote the company. Yesterday, Connor Lanman discussed the process on  's 's' The Windows Experience blog.

"When I first showed the Windows Live team the famous 'Double Rainbow' video back in July, they thought it was hilarious. But when I said I wanted him to come and do a video with us, they looked at me as if I had been seeing rainbows all day ... they thought I was kidding. I e-mailed Bear [Paul "The Bear" Vasquez] that night and sure enough, he responded, and with great enthusiasm."

Is Microsoft crazy, or crazy like a fox? You be judge.


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