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Durex Unwraps Marketing Campaign at College Campus
By: Jeff Louis
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Giant_Durex_CondomWhat is 70 feet long, six feet tall, and can hold 50 college students all at once?

No, not jail. The answer is a condom. Yes, a condom.

In an effort to point out that the AIDS epidemic continues to be a crisis and major concern for millions -- although buried under international news -- Durex took the condom on the road and unwrapped it at Tel Aviv University.

The giant condom was filled with air, and as the crowd gathered round, 50 male and female students were chosen to enter the condom. They removed everything but their undergarments. Packed in like sardines, they soon began to push on the walls and jump around; the crowd applauded their efforts. Despite the student's attempts to free themselves from their latex prison, no one got out.

Obviously, this was the point of the affair. Although no one was inside for long, CBS News captured the event on video.  

The guerrilla tactic for Durex came from the Israeli ad agency, Obsessive Creative Marketing. According to Media Life, the marketing stunt was effective due to its outrageous nature, which attracted both students and the general public. Furthermore, the agency claimed the event received international press and coverage from 40-plus media outlets the day the event took place, and the CBS-shot video, uploaded to YouTube, went viral.

While the turnout for the event drew a decent crowd, the agency's claim the video went viral is exaggerated. After searching Google, YouTube, CBS, and MetaCafe, I found it had less than 2,000 total views (CBS excluded; they did not list the number of views). YouTube shows less than 1,000 views, and there are a whopping 27 on MetaCafe. Viral? Hardly. 

Obsessive Creative's highlight reel of the event (below) is much more exciting than the original video. If you want to see the CBS video, click here.

I guess you can't believe everything you read online.


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