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American Express Credits, Celebrates Small Businesses
By: Jeff Louis
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Booming is a word with multiple meanings. In 1851, San Francisco was booming, due to the swarms of people in the area searching for gold. The loud car stereo next to you at a stoplight is booming. 
http://blogs.business.com/whatworks/wp-contents/uploads/2010/06/AMEX_OPEN_logo_navy_notag.jpgAmerican Express recently launched a nationwide ad campaign that revolves around the slogan “Start Booming.”

According to the release, it's a “rallying cry” for the American Express OPEN campaign that will feature business owners “who are helping revitalize the economy by being resourceful, making a difference in their communities, and implementing innovative business practices.”
In other words, it's an attempt to give the economy a swift kick in the rear.

Despite today's economic woes, small business owners remain resilient and optimistic. Thus, OPEN salutes and celebrates business owners whose victories aren’t solely based on profit margins. While making money is the goal for business owners, they know there’s more to life than money, and American Express adeptly addresses this with business owners who adapt and adopt, do more with less, and embrace change.

American Express claims it's “a more enlightened, modern way of doing business.”
With the campaign, they announced four new small business services: 

  • AcceptPay -- A Web-based tool that allows owners to accept online payments and electronically invoice customers in one place.
  • InsuranceEdge -- An online portal that offers owners real-time, competitive quotes some of the nation’s leading insurance carriers.
  • FX International Payments -- A service that allows owners to make overseas payments in more than 100 currencies.
  • SearchManager -- An online solution that allows owners to manage paid search campaigns across all major search engines via a centralized dashboard.
The campaign is featured in print, on TV, and online, and a second round of ads will run later this summer. The campaign's premier spot, “Reveille,” can be viewed below.

To learn more or read inspiring stories about business owners helping others while helping themselves,
 visit the OPEN Web site.

What could be better than that?


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