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Don't Touch That Dial: Creative Spots Signal Resurgence
By: Jeff Louis
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Radio TowerThere’s little buzz about radio online these days. With flashy YouTube videos and killer graphic executions, radio ads just don’t seem to “play” online.

This is interesting and comes in light of PricewaterhouseCoopers' recent Global Entertainment & Media Outlook report that predicts terrestrial radio spending will rise in 2010, partially due to political campaigns and a resurgence in automotive spending.
Advertisers often overlook radio as a viable media vehicle, but great creative still thrives on the radio dial. Budweiser’s “Real Men of Genius” radio spots serve as a prime example of fantastic execution. 

The 60-second spots glorify and mock unlikely heroes. Clever in their definition of foolish (at times) behavior, hundreds of hilarious iterations include "Mr. Cell Phone Holster Wearer," "Mr. T-Shirt Launcher Inventor," and "Mr. Tiny Thong Bikini Wearer."
Just as creative are two of Miller Lite’s recent radio spots. The first, “Love," compares the differences between love and like and uses hysterical one-liners: “Anyone want to set sail on the Like Boat? No thanks, Captain Boring,” and “Who likes you baby? Not Kojak. Not anybody.
Funnier still, although impossible to find online, is the brewer’s "Great Versus Average" spot. Memorable lines: “Bought your dad a mug that says 'World’s Averagest Dad'? Guess what? You're the world’s jerkiest son," and "The Average Wall of China: It runs through the city of Shanglow.” 

My favorite: “If 'Great Expectations' was called 'Average Expectations,' it wouldn't be worth Dickens.”
Although both examples are for a beer company, thousands of worthy competitors exist outside the alcohol industry. The point? While the latest rage is social media networks and online advertising, let's not forget the basics. Millions of loyal listeners still tune in to local and national radio shows daily, and a little creative advertising can go a long way.

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