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Craftsman's Online Buzz is Music to the Ears
By: Jeff Louis
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I wrote a post in February about Craftsman covering their initial push into social media with an interactive video campaign that featured product "stress tests" on their premier tool line. Videos like "Hammer Golf Experiment" and "Power Drill Daredevil" are reminiscent of early David Letterman stunts.

Their most recent video is of the musical variety, like "Stomp" with tools as instruments. The video, available on the Craftsman YouTube page, is not only interesting but seems unbelievable when you read the descriptor: "What you are watching is built entirely from the sounds of Craftsman tools mixed and edited by Kutiman. No musical instruments were used." 

Kuitman, or Ophir Kutiel, is a musician, producer, and animator from Israel known for creating the online music video project ThruYOU, "the mother of all funk chords," and other musical collaborations. Like Kuitman's other endeavors, the Craftsman video is amazing.  

Craftsman enthusiasts now have another use for their tools; the video depicts hand, power, and garden tools as musical instruments. Chainsaws fly in the air, workbenches are thrown from buildings, and weed eaters tear through vegetation, all in rhythm. Not only are Craftsman's tools durable, but they sound fantastic.

Craftsman's clearly striking the nail on the head, and the other video offerings, while different, are as compelling as this one. If you have an idea for Craftsman, log on to craftsmanlabs.com to submit your favorite tool for their next test and view some of the company's other "experiments."


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